Standout and Create Deals with Agencies

Introduction to Standing Out in the Federal Market


Differentiation and Creating Insight to Change Your Client’s Status Quo

Private Webinar, Onsite Workshop, or Online Course


Learning how to stand out from the competition is essential in a competitive market like the federal market. Too many government contractors passively wait for RFPs and opportunities to come their way. The key to success is to take action to stand out from the crowd and proactively create deals with agencies.

Too many firms fail because their marketing messages fail to differentiate and sales messaging fails to articulate value.

Why does this happen? Most firms fail because they:

  • Misunderstand what a unique value proposition is
  • Don’t know how to identify their company’s true differentiators
  • Fail to provide insight into agency challenges, and therefore never get noticed
  • Are unable to define problems appropriately nor create a sense of urgency to solve the problem
  • Do not collaborate with agencies and therefore do not create deals

What not to do...

Because of this, most UVPs are developed in the classic, “let’s get together and discuss” methodology. Your sales, marketing, and business development people express their ideas about how the firm differs from its competitors. Then it strikes a few; maybe the firm is not that unique. Then comes the pushback. Of course, we are! We...

  • Hire the best people
  • Have great clients
  • Do superior work

These bland and common attributes find themselves in capabilities statements, brochures, and corporate presentations.  Sales presentations are often indicative of the failure to articulate meaningful differences.  Have you sat through many of these or worse; have you delivered capabilities presentations that start with these slides?

  • Slide 1 – Here’s our founder
  • Slide 2 – Here’s our history
  • Slide 3 – Here’s a map of our office locations;
  • Slide 4 – Here is our list of services/products
  • Slide 5 – Here are the logos of a bunch of our customers
  • Slide 6 – Now that we have bored you, let me ask you 20 questions about your problems
There is a better way to identify your true differentiators, create a meaningful value proposition, and forge new insight that enables you to stand out. Once agencies notice you, your team should work to:
  • Provide insight into agency problems
  • Change the agency's perception of the problem
  • Create a willingness to replace the status quo.
  • Collaboratively create a deal that creates value for the agency.

The Online Course

This Standout and Create Deals course will teach you:

A better understanding of the Unique Value Proposition and the three attributes that must be present.
How to identify meaningful elements of differentiation
How to craft your UVP
To create the insight need to change your client’s understanding of their problems  
How to develop thought-provoking insight that will:
  • attract more agencies,
  • get you involved  in the federal  buying process much earlier, and
  • challenge the agency’s status quo and drive them to action.


  • Who are your real competitors
  • Why agency buyers don’t buy from you
  • Meaningful elements of differentiation
  • Eliminating expected and indulgent elements of differentiation
  • Creating insight that forces change in the target agency
  • Dealing with perceived value vs. true value


Workshop - Contact Us

Please contact us and describe your current challenges in differentiating, getting noticed, and experience in creating deals with agencies. We can provide an on-site workshop that will identify meaningful differentiators and teach your team to incorporate this into marketing collaterals, inbound campaigns, and sales messaging.