What is the advantage of being on the GSA Schedule

Benefits of a GSA Contract

Getting a GSA Schedule contract provides several advantages and benefits:

Simplifies Federal Contracting

You've probably heard that federal bureaucrats are stickers for rules and they love their contracting regulations. A GSA Schedule contract simplifies these issues federal contracting issues because terms and pricing are negotiated up front. This enables you to focus to the federal employees that need your products or services rather than arcane contracting issues.

Marketing Cachet

You only get a GSA contract if your meet all of the government "responsibility determinations" which is a fancy way of saying all the criteria to be a government contractor.  Getting a GSA contract gives you that prestige of being an approved vendor.

Fewer Competitors

GSAvendors4percentOnce on the GSA list, you face far fewer competitors as only 4% of registered federal contractors have a GSA contract.  A GSA contractor receives a listing in GSA Advantage, GSA eLibrary, and access to exclusive opportunities in eBuy, not to mention the marketing distinction of being deemed a pre-qualified vendor.

Shorter Sales Cycle

Typical government contracts can take up to 265 days or more, while the average order under a GSA contract is issued in 15 days on average.

Other benefits include:

  • Enables you to apply your commercial marketing practices to the Federal market
  • Has become the contracting vehicle of choice for procurement officers.
  • Allows you to sell to state and local governments under some circumstances.

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