Avoiding GSA Contract Assessment Problems 

GSA contract assessments can be challenging to prepare for and can bring about many problems if not dealt with properly. For example, a lack of preparation may cause you or your employees unforeseen issues during the visit by the GSA Analyst. GSA Assessors might be more critical than they otherwise would have been had proper preparations and procedures already been set up beforehand.

A well-researched GSA Assessment strategy and preparations will help ensure that any upcoming review goes off without a hitch ensuring less hassle on all fronts. Prepare all relevant information in your pre-assessment planning meetings so that you can identify and remedy potential problems beforehand, so there are no surprises when the day arrives with its many challenges.

In the past, GSA contractors received little oversight by GSA auditors. Today, the average GSA Contractor will receive assessments regularly (annually) when sales exceed $150,000. Firms with less than $150,000 in sales may receive spot assessments. All contractors will receive an evaluation shortly before the 5-year renewal period. Vendors with a history of problems may be subject to a more intensive audit experience than in past years!



GSA conducts Contractor Assistance Visits based on:

    • Contract sales revenues exceeding $150,000 annually
    • past compliance issues
    • agency complaints
    • historical problems with similar vendors and schedules

An Industrial Operations Analyst would typically visit your firm to review your procedures and compliance with the terms of your contract. These days, GSA usually conducts virtual assessments, conducting meetings via web conferencing and reviewing documents electronically.

If you are inadequately prepared or have not instituted proper procedures to ensure compliance, then you could receive an adverse "assessment report."  A bad Assessment Report can adversely affect your renewal or could result in contract cancellation.

Consulting or Training

We can consult with you to prepare for the assessment or provide you with a webinar to prepare your team.


This Webinar teaches you

    • How to prepare for an upcoming audit
    • Onsite CAV vs. Virtual CAV
    • How to set up procedures and systems to avoid audit problems
    • Keeping your contract up to date
    • Price reduction clause issues
    • Proper quoting and pricing
    • Monitoring transactions
    • Sales reporting and IFF payments
    • Post-award discounting and pricing practices


  • Business owners,
  • managers,
  • staff responsible for GSA contract administration,
  • sales managers,
  • office managers.


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    We received a very good report card after our GSA audit.  We are extremely relieved and again thank you for the help you provided.
    We avoided a few major issues that could have really hurt us without your input.
    Linda H.
    Contract Administrator

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