GSA Contract Renewal Training


The GSA Contract Renewal process extends your GSA contract for another five years.  But the contract is only renewed if it has produced sales and has no problems.  Even then, many issues crop up and require careful attention.

Seven months before your contract ends, GSA will ask you if you want to renew (also known as the Option to Extend).  If so, GSA asks you for information about revised pricing, commercial sales practices, and related certifications before they will extend your contract.  

Our e-Learning course provides practical training about renewing your GSA contract. The “option to extend" process, as GSA calls it, is vital to keeping federal sales coming in.

Take the course before you begin the renewal process, and refer to it as you go through the process.  Contains tips and actions to take to ensure a successful contract renewal.

gsa-renewal-templateThe instructor is TurboGSA's Principal Consultant, Robert Kelly, who has helped hundreds of companies, obtain, manage and renew their GSA contract.

The engaging animated format keeps learners involved and helps increase understanding and retention.

Learn more about our course, How to Renew Your GSA Contract Quickly and without Hassle


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