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Connecting with Federal Buyers

Traditional outbound B2G marketing techniques still work... to some extent ...on fewer than 25% of federal buyers.  And then only if properly applied by firms with deep pockets and located in the DC area. For all other government contractors, competing in the government market has many challenges, and some firms:

    • Struggle to find Federal leads and convert them to paying clients.
    • Have difficulty gaining visibility in the competitive government market.
    • Need a breakthrough federal market strategy.

Sequestration has further diminished the payback on traditional marketing investments and hampered conventional sales methods.

Federal Content Marketing Strategy Breakthrough

describe the imageFor government contractors facing these challenges, inbound/content marketing must become a primary Federal marketing strategy. Why?  Because 75% of federal buyers prefer it!

Federal employers seek innovative solutions to their problems using the internet to find qualified vendors and new solutions.  Finding end users and program managers is very difficult, so why not have them find you by attracting them to your website and delivering content that establishes your firm as a leader in innovative solutions?  

Get Found, Convert Leads, Close More Deals

TurboGSA can help you design content marketing that will:

    • improve your visibility in the federal market, 
    • attract new federal clients, 
    • convert visitors into leads, and
    • accelerate sales and win more government contracts.

You receive marketing automation to leverage your limited business development capabilities.  

And we work with best-of-breed partners to provide services that deliver results.

Federal Inbound Marketing resultsTurboGSA helps government contractors launch a Federal Inbound Marketing program that will:

    • vastly increase overall traffic to your website
    • generate significantly more leads. 
    • Nurture those leads
    • and help you convert those leads to paying clients.

We focus on attracting federal buyers to your product or service and then converting those visitors into qualified leads.

TurboGSA Provides these Specialized Federal Marketing Services

With special emphasis on attracting Federal clients to your firm (B2G inbound marketing), TurboGSA provides the following: 

    • Government Marketing Strategy Optimization
    • Federal Inbound Marketing Strategies
    • Marketing Automation for government contractors
    • Thought Leadership Strategies
    • Social Media for B2G Marketing
    • LinkedIn for B2G Networking


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