GSA Pricing - Disclosing Commercial Sales Practices

A firm’s commercial pricing and discounting practices, known as Commercial Sales Practices (CSP) in GSA jargon, have a direct impact on your GSA pricing. Your pricing practices prior to negotiating GSA prices impact the price you will negotiate, and future changes to CSP may affect pricing under your GSA contract.


Understand GSA Price Negotiation Goals Before you Submit an Offer

A firm is required, by law, to provide a full, accurate, and current disclosure of its commercial rates or prices, along with a disclosure of its commercial discounting practices.  Do you know…

  • what it means to make the government your MFC (Most Favored Customer)
  • that you must disclose all commercial discounting practices to GSA
  • that GSA considers channel partners (such as OEMs, dealers, and VARs) a customer and therefore you must disclose their discounts too
  • that there are all kinds of discounts that must be disclosed, such as basic discounts, volume discounts, quantity discounts, prompt pay discounts, and other concessions
  • how to properly disclose deviations from your normal discounting practices
  • what pricing strategies can be used to avoid competition
  • changes to your commercial discounting AFTER a GSA contract award subjects your firm to a GSA price reduction
  • that there are approved ways to provide discounts to commercial customers without altering GSA pricing


During this webinar, you will learn the answers to all of the above questions. More importantly, you will learn how all of this affects your specific pricing. Get the information that addresses your specific circumstance and get your questions answered.


Business owners, managers, staff responsible for GSA contract administration, sales managers, and office managers.


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