GSA Schedule Applications

Getting a GSA schedule is more difficult than ever, and the process is quite complex and not as simple as completing a few GSA application forms and attaching some documents.  Many people ask how to become a contractor in the GSA schedules program.  The process actually entails:

    • a comprehensive review of GSA Solicitation documents, 
    • determining a sound and comprehensive GSA pricing strategy, 
    • properly disclosing sales practices as required by law, 
    • preparing and submitting a GSA proposal (or GSA offer), and 
    • then going through GSA's due diligence and negotiation process.

Notice no mention about GSA Applications.  Why? They don't exist. Obtaining a GSA contract is more akin to developing a comprehensive federal proposal process than, say, a bank or mortgage application.

The myth about GSA Applications

A firm does NOT apply for a GSA contract.  There is no such thing as a GSA Schedule Application.  gsa-applicationThis is a myth that makes some think that all they need to do is fill out some application form and GSA will consider giving you a contract.

The fact is, it getting a GSA contract requires that you respond to a comprehensive GSA solicitation that is appropriate to your business. The GSA contract officers use this information to make what they call "a responsibility determination." Only after GSA decides you are a responsible vendor to they move on to negotiating most favored customer pricing.

describe the image Develop and Submit a Comprehensive, Quality GSA Proposal

A proper GSA proposal, or GSA Offer, is a series of documents that typically includes a detailed technical proposal in which you describe your products and services, demonstrate that they fit within the scope of the schedule, provide certain operational information and proof of quality past performance and satisfied clients. Most challenging, however, is the price proposal, which requires careful and thorough disclosures of prior discounting practices.

describe the image Price Proposal and Discounting Disclosures

Negotiating the GSA price can be quite complex, especially if you have either complex discounting practices or very loose pricing practices.  Without proper disclosures, your will either end up with an unprofitable contract, or risk severe penalties under GSA's price reduction clause.  Each of our GSA consultants has successfully completed over one hundred GSA negotiations. 

describe the image Work with an Experienced, Ethical GSA Consultant

You need to have an experienced, trusted, GSA consultant on your side, not a "GSA processor." GSA consultants should not merely focus on getting you through the process.  Rather, you need to work with senior, experienced GSA consultants because the upside of a contract is great but the risk of negotiating a flawed contract is especially dangerous.

Are you ready for a GSA Schedule?

While some may think this is simply a matter of semantics, it is not. Properly preparing a winning GSA proposal requires a thorough knowledge of:

    • GSA Schedule solicitation documents - which run about 200 pages or more.
    • Knowledge of government contract regulations (also known as Federal Acquisition Regulations or FAR)
    • Experience in properly disclosing commercial sales practices and discounting practices to avoid fines, claims and disbarment later.
    • Extensive experience in GSA negotiations so that you don't end up giving away the store.
    • Vast experience in federal marketing so that pricing and positioning is properly established in your contract.

The reason for needing this level of expertise is that a GSA contract is a major government contract, which will last five years, and to 20 years with options.  GSA Schedules may be the most strategically important federal contract a firm ever obtains. This is not like applying for a mortgage. You need a professional team on your side and not "GSA application processors."

Why you Want TurboGSA's Experienced GSA Consultants

GSA Services that go beyond the GSA Contract Paperwork...

obtaining a GSA Schedule contractSome GSA consultants talk about how they alleviate the headaches of completing GSA contract paperwork.  However, obtaining a GSA contract is more than simply processing a lot of paperwork.  Many of the decisions you make during the process and how you present the GSA contract offer, have a significant impact on sales and operations far down the road. If not done right, your business can face serious consequences.

Relying on a firm that simply processes forms but does not provide you with proven advice is a mistake. When you select TurboGSA, you will be dealing with experienced, senior-level GSA consultants and Federal marketing experts, not paper processors with little experience or understanding of GSA contracts.

You Need Vast GSA Experience and Seasoned Advice

Having been involved in Federal business for more than 30 years,

  • You benefit from our knowledge of the GSA contract review process,
  • Sleep soundly because we anticipate obstacles, 
  • We understand the importance of profitable bidding. 
  • You benefit from our web-based GSA application that simplifies the process of obtaining and managing GSA contracts.

As our clients attest, by working with us, you will receive personalized attention along with a laser-sharp focus on efficiency.

Use Efficient GSA Contract Development Processes

GSA Proposal Development

TurboGSA has the most efficient process for collecting information and preparing your GSA contract. Your involvement in mundane matters is minimized so that you can wisely spend your time on the most important issues.

Our process combines efficient Web technologies with unlimited access to dedicated, expert advisers to guide you through the process. This approach ensures you get through the proposal preparation process efficiently and without sacrificing any expert consultations.

TurboGSA Quality Services

TurboGSA assigns highly experienced GSA consultants to your GSA proposal team. As described below, you receive unparalleled expertise and experience.

You also receive a variety of free resources now, such as our GSA Schedules: A Very Short Introduction to help you determine if a GSA contract may be beneficial to your firm, and a free webinar for small businesses, "How to Obtain a GSA Schedules Contract.

Consider our GSA Services.



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