Federal Business Development

Achieving success in the federal market requires more than participation; it demands a unique approach that offers fresh insights and provokes meaningful dialogue about change. By helping agencies identify their problems, you position yourself as an integral part of the solution.



Your Challenges

  • Struggling to gain traction in the Federal market as a newcomer?
  • Competing in the federal market without significant success?
  • Dealing with a federal sales plan that hasn't delivered results?
  • Actively pursuing opportunities on eBuy and FBO without winning?
  • Having difficulty generating qualified leads?
  • Engaging with agencies too late in the buying process?

 Imagine a Future Where You...Go-to-Federal-Market

  • Have a deep understanding of the federal market.
  • Know exactly which agencies are interested in what you sell.
  • Understand the buying processes and methods of agencies.
  • Generate more leads and create more deals.
  • Differentiate your firm effectively to stand out in a competitive market.
  • Inspire agencies to rethink their processes.


TSelling to the federal government demands a strategy that transcends the typical "me too" federal marketing approach.

  • Stand Out: Your unique selling points should distinctly set you apart from your competitors.
  • Break Through: Your demand generation campaign must cut through the clutter and make an impact.
  • Engage Early: You need to enter the buying process sooner than you currently do.
  • Offer Unique Insights: Provide a fresh perspective on agency problems and goals.
  • Create Opportunities: Don't just chase RFPs, create meaningful deals with agencies.

Introducing the Standout Go-to-Market Approach

Transitioning from successful B2B marketing to government marketing (B2G) can be a daunting task. But with our Standout Go-to-Federal-Market Strategy, your firm can thrive.
We assist in constructing an effective, integrated go-to-market system tailored for success in the federal market. Our strategy helps pinpoint lucrative target agencies and craft value propositions that align your firm’s strengths with those agencies' needs.
Our approach fosters a multitude of competencies within your organization. We guide you in understanding and implementing:

Market Intelligence Understand what agencies truly want, need, and can afford.
Competitive Intelligence Learn what your competitors are successfully delivering to agencies.
Target Agencies Concentrate on MLB agencies- those Most Likely to Buy.
Unique Value Proposition

Many firms believe they offer something unique, but to agencies, they often sound like every other competitor. This is the most significant challenge federal contractors face. We help you craft a truly unique value proposition that sets you apart.

Insight Development

Providing unique insights is the key to standing out in a crowded market. Relying solely on traditional relationship management and consultative selling without leading with unique viewpoints is a path to failure. We help you develop and lead with insightful perspectives.

Effective Messaging Agencies are tired of the same old narratives. Traditional capability statements and corporate presentations are outdated and often detrimental. We help you craft fresh, engaging messages that resonate.
Integrated Business Development  It's not enough to align sales, marketing, and business development. Success requires a fully integrated process that aligns with the buyer's journey. We help you create this alignment.
Opportunity & Deal Creation Don't just chase RFPs or wait for opportunities to come to you. Be proactive. We guide you in creating opportunities and deals that drive your business forward. 

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    Get our Go to Federal Market Strategy Solution Brief & Video




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