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Why do I Need a GSA Contract

toolboxThe need for a GSA contract has never been greater.  A GSA Contract is an important tool in the federal marketers toolbox. Just as a hammer is important to a carpenter, a GSA contract makes sales to federal agencies easier.

You should consider getting into the GSA Schedule program because it:

    • Avoid open competitions - A GSA contract helps marketers avoid open competitions and thereby minimizes competition
    • Minimize complex contracting issues - A GSA contract minimizes complex Federal contracting issues for the salesperson
    • Marketing cachet - A GSA contract provides marketing cachet so your sales people can be more confident approaching federal agencies.
    • Focus on Marketing - Since a GSA contract eliminates contracting complexities, your sales reps can apply tried and true marketing practices to the Federal market
    • Shortened time frame - Your sales people will enjoy shortened time frames for Agencies to issue contracts - its about 14 days compared to 268 days for conventional federal contracts.
    • Preferred by contracting officers - Has become the contracting vehicle of choice for procurement officers.
    • Marketing Support - Provides you with GSA marketing support (e.g., Listing in GSA advantage, exposure on government procurement sites).


GSA schedule overview

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