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We've designed our training for companies who want to learn how to expand its federal contracting business. TurboGSA training provides practical, real-world advice to your team so that they can better acquire, manage, market, and sell to federal agencies.

We offer several GSA online training classes to help you: 

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TurboGSA created its GSA Academy to provide online training that supports you in your efforts to manage your contract for compliance, profit, and success


Introductory Courses

How to Obtain a GSA Schedule Contract

Free Online Course with private Q&A

Obtaining-GSA-Contract-Course.jpgThis online course provides you with ample information so that you can decide whether a GSA Schedule is something you should obtain and the nuts and bolts of doing so, in plain English, with real-world advice.  You will also receive all the secrets about the process and proposal that GSA won't tell you.

View Course Outline: How to Obtain a GSA Schedule

How to get a GSA Contract


Preparing to Become a Federal Contractor

Private Webinar only

This 1.5-hour  course will cover the basics of becoming a Federal contractor and demonstrate how to register and comply with initial requirements. We provide an individual question-and-answer period to answer all your questions.
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GSA Contract Administration/Compliance Courses

GSA Contract Management for New Vendors

Manage Your GSA Contract for Compliance, Profit, and Success

You have a new GSA contract, but now you must learn to manage your contract for compliance, profit, and success

GSA-provided training is too basic, impractical, often outdated, and rarely provides you with the information needed to administer the contract effectively. 

new vendor course button.jpgOur comprehensive online training program includes 19 lessons covering all the major tasks you must do, providing practical, real-world tips for managing the contract. 

It is continually updated, and you can check back in for just-in-time learning as you need it.  

Empower your staff with the information they need to maintain a compliant GSA Contract.

View Course Outline: GSA Contract Management for New Vendors


Boot Camp for GSA Contract Administration

Online Course

Having won a GSA federal supply schedule contract, your firm has designated one or more people to fill the role of the contract administrator.  Now they must quickly become familiar with the world of GSA rules, regulations, protocols, and practices. 

From reporting sales correctly, to filing other reports, learning how to modify the contract, and ensuring that you maintain the basis of award pricing relationship, these essential functions can make the difference in how successful your firm will be as a GSA contractor. Setting up a workable GSA or VA contract administration system based on understanding the real ins and outs of the game is essential. 

View Course Outline: Boot Camp for GSA Contract Administration 


Avoiding GSA Contract Audit Problems

Webinar or Onsite

Set up a System for GSA Contract Compliance and Prepare for your Contractor Assistance Visit

This webinar discusses how to set up procedures and systems to properly manage your GSA contract and avoid audit problems down the road.  It also teaches you about the types of GSA Audits and Contractor Assistance Visits (CAV) and how to prepare for an upcoming audit.  

View Course Outline: Avoiding GSA Contract Audit Problems


Renewing Your GSA Contract

Online Training OR Private Webinar

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Seven months before your contract expires, GSA will send you a request to initiate the Option to Renew.  You should prepare for this well in advance. Our eLearning course provides real-world insight that prepares your team to be ready to renew the GSA contract.

View Online Course Outline: Renewing Your GSA Contract

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GSA Schedule Sales & Marketing Courses


Selling using Your New GSA Schedule

Webinar or Onsite

Learn how to use your GSA contract for selling to federal agencies and others eligible to buy.  Selling using your new GSA Schedule provides a solid foundation for your sales reps to understand the benefits of the GSA contract, the rules that affect their sales, and an array of tips and advice for effectively selling using your GSA contract. This course is delivered in your office and adapted to your contract terms and conditions.

View Course Outline: Selling using Your New GSA Schedule


Understanding the Federal Buyers Journey Course

Federal contracting success comes not from searching for opportunities but rather from creating opportunities.

hfederal-buyers-journeyGovernment acquisition processes are confounding and complex. Many grow frustrated quickly and spend too much time responding to RFPs to little effect.
Those that succeed in the federal market learn how the buying process works, know the roles of different players, and know how to get involved early in the process well before RFPs are even issued.

Introduction to Standing Out in the Federal Market

Standout In a Crowded Market and Start Creating Deals with Agencies

Private Webinar, Onsite Workshop, or Online Course (Spring 2017)

differentiating-fed-marketTo sell to the federal government, you need a strategy that goes beyond “me too federal marketing. Learn to stand out and pinpoint what truly separates you from the competition. That means actual, meaningful difference! Moreover, use this to compose compelling insights that help agencies understand their problems and act to change. Create a climate where you create your opportunities.


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    Training Formats

    Online Training

    Review material at your own pace

    Webinar Format

    • Convenient
    • No travel cost
    • Easier scheduling
    • Private or open-enrollment sessions available

    In-Person Training

    • Conducted in your office
    • Conducted by experts with years of experience
    All training sessions provide you with specific advice and direct answers to your questions.

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