Deal Creation for Professional Service Firms

Professional service firms new to the federal market often ask which bid identification service would be best to subscribe to.  They ask about the value of paid services versus the government’s free FedBizOpps or eBuy databases. While the paid services derive the core of their information from the free government databases, some provide additional value including a better user interface and ease of use.  Some services even provide original research and analysis.

But to focus on the pros and cons of each service is missing the point.  Success in the federal market for professional services firms comes not from finding opportunities but rather from creating opportunities.  This is especially true for smaller firms and firms located outside the Washington beltway.

This short video explains why.

Begin Creating Deals

As illustrated in this video, you will find greater success if you implement content marketing, inbound marketing, and insight selling strategies.

TurboGSA helps you position your firm earlier in the federal buying process by:

  • Crafting your Unique Perspective to gain marketplace attention.
  • Developing sales messages to create urgency and acceptance of change in prospect agencies.
  • Implement a campaign that generates qualified leads and facilitates your client's buying journey.

For a broader marketing strategy, TurboGSA can help you to:

  • Develop a federal content marketing strategy
  • Receive technology advice on automating and implementing content and inbound marketing.

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