Important GSA Schedule and Federal Links

GSA Schedule Resources

GSA Schedule Listing — Comprehensive list of all GSA Schedules and associated SINS and competitors. Great for finding a GSA Schedule for your company or researching competitors.

GSA eLibraryAccess to all GSA contractors. Good for market research.

GSA Advantage — Government site for listing all GSA Schedule listed products from all GSA contractors

Small Business Size Standards Table — To learn more about the size standards for your industry.

GSA Contract Clause If you need to look up a particular clause in your GSA contract, this site allows you to input the clause number and it directs you to the full text.

Dept. of Labor Employment Cost Index If your GSA contract price adjustments are tied to DOL's ECI, find the latest index data here.

Service Contract Act Links

SCA Directory of Occupations  List of SCA occupations by classification group. Important for MOBIS, PES, LOGWORLD and GSA Schedule contracts.

SCA Wage DeterminationsWhen you need wage determination information for developing or managing your GSA Contract.

Market Research

Agency Recurring Procurement Forecasts This site has links to all agency procurement forecasts, home pages, and small business web pages.

USA Spending Another site to research federal spending

Government Data Do you like data? This site provides access to extensive data.

Federal Procurement Data - Database of procurements exceeding $25,000


Government Resources

GSA Staff Directory Serch If you need to find the email or telephone for GSA staff, search here.

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