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How do I apply for a GSA Contract

Does a Firm Really Apply for a GSA Contract?

You do not really apply for a GSA contract, although many people use that term to discuss obtaining a GSA contract. A firm prepares a proposal or offer and submits it to GSA for review.  Once reviewed and found acceptable, GSA will negotiate pricing and, if found fair and reasonable, award a contract.

How does a Firm Get a GSA Contract?

To get a GSA contract, a firm must go through several steps.  Below is a summary of the steps a firm goes through to become an approved GSA contractor.

    • Decide which GSA Schedule is most appropriate for your product or service, as sometimes more than one choice.
    • Download the GSA MAS Solicitation 
    • Decide which Special Item Number(s) your products or services fit under.  A special Item number is simply a subcategory under each schedule. 
    • Follow all proposal instructions carefully.  They are embedded throughout GSA's solicitation.
    • Complete all forms and prepare all required documents.
    • Demonstrate financial responsibility and explain any financial problems/issues.
    • Disclose commercial pricing and discounting practices CAREFULLY. This is the most important part of your proposal.
    • Provide past performance information (obtain the required past performance report).
    • Develop Small Business subcontracting plan (large businesses only).
    • Supply all requested supporting information in the manner prescribed. 

After submitting the proposal, be prepared to answer clarifying questions from a GSA Contracting Officer, supply additional information, and negotiate your final offer.  When your contract is awarded, you can upload pricing to GSA Advantage and start marketing under your schedule.



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