Expand Government Sales through DoD Contracts

DoD Commercial Items Contracts

The Department of Defense buys the most commercial products of any federal agency.

For many vendors, the DOD's FedMall may provide a lucrative outlet for your products, augmenting sales and providing an additional sales outlet beyond your GSA contract.

Our federal contracting consultants can help you determine if your products can be listed on the FedMall and can assist you with the process of being listed. For medical products and supplies, The Defense Logistics Agency’s ECAT or DAPA contracts help you gain access to DoD buyers.

DoD’s EMall

DoD’s EMall was replaced by FedMall in June 2017.


DoD's FedMall was launched in June 2017 and contains modern e-commerce features.

Currently, FedMall will provide government buyers with a streamlined process for ordering commercial items below the micro-purchase threshold of $10,000 using the government purchase card (GPD).  Soon after launch, it will expand offerings to items up to the simplified acquisition threshold (currently $250,000 for most items).  [Updated January 1, 2018]

Vendors can receive orders via

Pretty Good Privacy (PGP - an encryption tool that allows parties to exchange private and encrypted data

cXML - encrypted files sent to the Vendor using an email client, or

Electronic Data Interchange - transactions sent electronically to a Value-Added Network (VAN). The VAN will then translate the data into a readable format for the Vendor.

Because the system is limited to items and orders less than the $3,500 threshold, a vendor does not need another government contract to list its products here, as was the case in the DoD EMall. This will change in phase 2 of the FedMall rollout when the threshold rises.

Medical Vendors

For vendors of Medical equipment and supplies, the Defense Logistics Agency has two must-have procurement vehicles.


DoD components and other federal agencies can order medical products and supplies through ECAT’s online ordering system. It covers many types of consumable and shelf-life medical/surgical and pharmaceutical products, including:

  • medical and surgical equipment
  • laboratory
  • dental
  • optical fabrication

Transactions will be handled through either:

  • Electronic Data Interchange, or
  • DLA’s Supplier Order Management interface

ECAT automates the procurement cycle and provides buyers with several valuable features, including:

  • Order confirmation and status within three days
  • US-delivery within 72 hours from receipt of the order
  • Overseas delivery within 3-10 days after receipt of order.
  • Flexible payment system including:
    • Military Standard Billing System (MILSBILLS)
    • Government Purchase Card

ECAT provides convenient purchasing from local vendors and the benefits of volume pricing and integrates with DOD material management systems.

DAPA - Distribution and Pricing Agreement

Most pharmaceutical and medical supplies sales to DoD are sold through Prime Vendors set up by Defense Logistics Agency. The DLA sets up DAPA agreements with individual manufacturers and distributors and then allows their Prime Vendors to distribute those items at that cost to military installations around the globe. Items sold through DAPA’s include:

  • Sutures
  • Bandages
  • Syringes
  • Hospital linens,

Medical Equipment is also available, such as:

  • Infusion pumps
  • Suction apparatus
  • Pulse dosimeters
  • Exam tables
  • Hospital carts,

It does not typically cover capital equipment.

Contact us if you'd like to discuss getting your firm listed on these programs.