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GSA Sales: How much do agencies buy off of GSA Schedules

The program is widely used by Federal Agencies, as is depicted in the following chart.  In Fiscal Year 2012 (ended September 30, 2012) Schedule sales approached $38 billion.

Additional GSA Schedule Sales analysis is presented below including a 6-year trend analysis of GSA sales and a table showing sales by GSA Schedule since 2008. Look at this infographic that identifies the 2012 GSA Schedule winners and losers.  To see the 2012 GSA Sales Report Infographic, click on this icon:

 2012 GSA Sales Report


While there are many other types of Federal contracts available to businesses, having a GSA (or VA contract for medical products and services) is an essential tool for your federal marketing toolbox.  This is especially true if you are a small business with few or no other government contracts.

GSA Sales Chart - Trend

GSA Sales Trend

GSA Sales

See more details about Sales by GSA Schedule.


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