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GSA Application - How do I apply for a GSA Contract


GSA Application is a bit of a misnomer.  If your firm qualifies for a GSA contract, you must prepare a proposal, called an offer, based on a specific GSA Solicitation. 

GSA's MAS (short for multiple award schedule) has hundreds of categories (called special item numbers of SIN) that cover over 30 million commercial products and services. You select the SINs that best fit your needs, download that solicitation, and then prepare your proposal based on very detailed instructions.  It's a complex process, and many important decisions must be made, especially with regard to pricing.  To be awarded a GSA contract, you must (under most circumstances) make the government your most favored customer. After submitting the proposal, be prepared to answer questions from a GSA Contracting Officer, supply additional information, and negotiate your final offer. 


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