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GSA Schedule marketing, or marketing to the Federal government in general, is no easy chore.  Now that you have a GSA number, the door is wide open. Opportunity abounds!  But where do you start?

  • More effective than a training class

  • Give your team the knowledge they need to succeed in the federal market

  • Take the guess work out of selling to government agencies

  • Build capabilities to compete at a high level

  • Building lasting success



GSA Schedule Sales Coaching


TurboGSA shows your sales and marketing team how to market to agencies using your GSA contract successfully.

Many new GSA contractors flounder after winning their contract.  Our multi-step process ensures that your team succeeds and that your GSA contract yields the benefits you hoped it would.

Our GSA consultants assist in helping your team understand:

  • GSA rules of the road
  • GSA's eBuy system and bid tracking
  • How to work with agencies to properly scope out projects using your GSA contract
  • Price discounting strategies
  • Selling open market items
  • Preparing responses to RFQs, maximizing exposure
  • Leveraging the GSA contract
  • Gaining traction early
  • Pricing task orders
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Capability Statements
  • Spot Discounts under a GSA contract
  • Unique Value Proposition for Feds
  • Enhancing your web presence to attract GSA buyers
  • Understanding Federal buyers' needs
  • Researching agencies and competitors

FedBiz Development Coaching

For Small Businesses and Newcomers to the Federal Market

For firms not pursuing GSA schedule sales, TurboGSA helps develop federal business using other methods. We help you build a federal business development capability appropriate for your firm's size and industry.

  • Researching agencies
  • Researching competitors
  • FedBiz planning
  • Identifying buyers - Program manager, end users, and purchasing
  • Understanding Federal buyers needs
  • Federal Marketing collaterals –different from commercial markets
  • Federal capabilities statement
  • Government contract vehicles and methods
  • White papers and presentations - build agency following online and off
  • Simplified acquisitions
  • Federal Market Strategy
  • Identifying key government events and networking opportunities for your industry
  • FedBizOpps - How and when to use.
  • Taking advantage of small business representatives (known as OSDBU’s)
  • Teaming with prime contractors
  • Identifying Teaming Partners
  • Negotiating  Teaming arrangements
  • Publicity in the Federal trades
  • Unique Value Proposition - what's best for for Government
  • Enhancing your web presences for attracting Federal buyers
  • Direct mail and email 
  • Gaining face time
  • Understanding RFPs
  • Task Order level proposal development
  • Responding to RFI
  • Bid tracking systems
  • Agency Budgets and Forecasts

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    Increase Your Federal Sales

    Thanks for your help and coaching. Out of all the things I did after the GSA award, you rank at the top in terms of meaningful benefit.

    Not only your advice was realistic but you took the time to understand our business and gave it ample thought before the coaching sessions.

    Michael K.
    GSA Schedule 70 


    fedbizdev federal business development


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