gsa schedule assistance

After my GSA Contract award, how do I get work?

You need to do three things:

  1. market,
  2. market
  3. market
Federal Supply Schedules contracts provide an effective and efficient way for the government to buy products and services that it needs.But you still need to tell Agencies what makes your company standout from the rest.  Is it:
  • better products?
  • more experience?
  • better delivery?
  • better support?
  • better pricing?

You should segment the Federal market and target a few agencies that you believe you can help.  Thoroughly research the mission, procurement plans, organizational structure, issues, and identify key players and small business specialists at their contracting offices.

Then, market to these contracting offices and program offices. If they need your product/service and feel you are the best company then they can use your schedule to make the buy. But, you've got to convince them first that they need to do business with you.