Client Testimonials about our Experience with GSA Schedule & Government Marketing

TurboGSA's stellar reputation stems from hundreds of satisfied customers. Our top GSA schedule consultants have years of experience in

    • GSA contracts
    • federal contracting
    • government marketing,
    • VA contracts 

You can rely on TurboGSA because we won nearly every type of GSA and VA Schedule, including the Professional Services Schedule (formerly MOBIS, , engineering, environmental and other professional services schedules), and every product schedule, including Hardware Superstore, schedule 84, schedule 56:

Here are some of the reviews and accolades our GSA consultants have received from our customers.

Data Warehouse Consultants (Schedule 70) 

"Thanks for your help and coaching. Out of all the things I did after the GSA award, you rank at the top in terms of meaningful benefit. Not only your advice was realistic but you took the time to understand our business and gave it ample thought before the coaching sessions.

Management Consulting and IT Firm (GSA IT Schedule 70 and MOBIS Schedule 874):

“We first began working with TurboGSA five years ago and have never regretted our decision! We selected TurboGSA because of their reputation for quality work and ethics. We benefited from their experience and appreciated that they provided senior leadership to work with us throughout the process and not passing us off to an inexperienced subordinate."

Since winning our IT and MOBIS contracts, we have continued to use TurboGSA to provide us with contract modification support and other services as needed. I can strongly recommend TurboGSA for anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable and capable partner in the laborious GSA Schedules process.

IT / GIS Company (GSA Schedule 70 - Information Technology):

We have used Robert Kelly's services for our GSA schedule and the subsequent renewal and have been very pleased with the results, he gets things done in a timely manner and handles the many forms and bureaucratic hurdles easily. We consider him part of our team, he is always available to assist and is very helpful.

IT Consulting Company (GSA Schedule 70 - Information Technology):

TurboGSA's recommendations and insights were really vital in every step of the proposal process and just shows that they have the experience to back it up.

Organizational Design and Development Company (GSA Schedule 874- MOBIS)

The huge value that the company added for our firm was the personal advice on what to say, how to say it, and how to price it.

Human Resources Consulting Firm

The Congratulations goes to you.  Thank you!  I wrote [prior client] and showered him with thanks for introducing us to you.  It was a gift, honestly.

Software Component Company (GSA Schedule 70 - Information Technology)

TurboGSA's expertise in the procedures and policies of the GSA saved us countless hours of plowing through paperwork.  In fact, I am certain that had we attempted to complete the GSA proposal ourselves, the process would have been much longer and cost us more.

Manufacturer of Groundwater Remediation Instruments (GSA Schedule 66- Scientific Instruments)

We found TurboGSA easy to with, without the pain that we would have suffered if we had attempted to fill out the GSA forms ourselves.

IT Consulting Firm (GSA Schedule 70 - Information Technology Schedule)

The process went smoothly due to the invaluable assistance of our advisers at TurboGSA.  They were always available to answer questions and provide clarification, was quick to return phone calls and emails and was diligent in his approach to the GSA Schedule process. 

TurboGSA also proved extremely helpful during the negotiations process and his expertise in procedures and policies of GSA saved us countless hours and significant cost.

Provider of EEO Services (GSA Schedule 738 X- Human Resource)

We were also very impressed by the approach that TurboGSA took as opposed to the approach taken by other service providers. 

While TurboGSA was primarily interested in understanding our needs, it seemed that competitors were primarily interested in the potential length of our relationship, and thus in their bottom line, not ours.                          

Supplier of Composite Materials (GSA Schedule 84)

The commitment to us was tremendous, as was TurboGSA's expertise.  For a reasonable cost, we received all the assistance and expertise that we were looking for.

Manufacturer of Spectroscopy Systems (GSA Schedule 66)

Our proposal was of high quality and our GSA Contracting Officer commended us for its thoroughness, enabling her to award us a contract in just a few months after submission.

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