Getting a GSA Schedule Contract

A Step-by-Step Guide to obtain it Quickly:

Obtaining a GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contract can be a complex process. This guide breaks down the steps you need to take.  Of course, the difficulty is in the details.

Identify Appropriate GSA SINs- Assess your products/services and identify appropriate GSA special item numbers. Find the list here GSA SINs

  • Evaluate your products or services.
  • Match them with the appropriate GSA special item numbers.
  • Contact us for guidance.

Review and Refine your Commercial Sales Practices - 

  • Clearly define your sales, pricing, and discount practices.
  • Ensure these practices are articulated effectively.

Prepare GSA Proposal - 

  • Compile your proposal with all the necessary supporting information.
  • Review the proposal thoroughly to ensure understanding of all terms and conditions.
  • Refer to the GSA Proposal outline for assistance.

Submit to GSA - 

  • Revise your proposal as needed before submission.
  • Submit the final version to GSA.

Respond to and Negotiate with GSA - 

  • Be prepared to respond to GSA inquiries and requests.
  • Prepare for final negotiations, modifying your offer as necessary.
  • Submit the final paperwork.

Develop Required Price List - 

  • Prepare your GSA Price List.
  • Include all supporting information.

Begin marketing your GSA Schedule - 

  • As your GSA award date approaches, prepare your federal marketing action plan.
  • Ensure it is designed to make you stand out from the  competitors
  • Begin implementing your plan

Consider seeking the assistance of professional GSA consultants, such as TurboGSA, to make this process as smooth as possible. Our knowledge, experience, and insight can be invaluable.

Finally, make sure to utilize all the free resources available on this site to help determine if obtaining a GSA Schedules contract is the right move for your firm.

GSA Schedule Introduction




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      GSA Schedule Introduction


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