How do I get a GSA Schedule Contract

Steps to obtain a GSA Schedule contract:

This is a summary of the steps needed to obtain a GSA Contract.  Of course the difficulty is in the details

Identify Appropriate GSA Schedule - Assess products/services and identify appropriate GSA schedule and special item numbers. look at the list of GSA Schedules

Review and Refine Commercial Sales Practices - Define and articulate your sales, pricing, and discount practices.

Prepare GSA Proposal - Prepare your proposal in a clear format with all requested supporting information. Carefully review the proposal before submitting.  Make sure you understand all of the terms and conditions. Review The GSA Proposal outline here. 

Submit to GSA - After revising the proposal, submit the GSA proposal to GSA.

Respond to and Negotiate with GSA - Responding to GSA inquiries and requests.  Prepare for  final negotiations and modify your offer and submitting the final paperwork.

Develop Required Price List - Prepare your GSA Price List along with all supporting information.

Begin marketing your GSA Schedule - As your award date nears, prepare and launch your federal marketing campaign.

Of course, having TurboGSA professional GSA consultants assist in this process makes a great deal of sense. You receive TurboGSA's knowledge, experience and insight that makes this process go as smoothly as possible.

You should take advantage of all of the free resources on this site to help you decide if obtaining a GSA Schedules contract is appropriate for your firm.

GSA Schedule Introduction




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      GSA Schedule Introduction


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