How long does it take to receive a GSA Contract award?

Submitting your proposal to GSA is just the first step.  What comes next is GSA's due diligence, or review process.  During this process, GSA evaluates the information you submitted to ensure that your firm qualifies for a GSA contract.  It also ensures all information is correct.  Then GSA opens negotiations to try for a better price than you offered.

Before the economic crisis of 2009, GSA  had a goal of 90-120 days to review and make an award decision.  In some cases it took less time, but it usually took 3-5 months.

How long does it take to get on the gsa schedule these days?

Since 2009, many firms realized the importance of having a GSA contract and therefore flooded GSA with offers. These days, it is not uncommon to hear GSA state it can take up to 12 months to award a contract. Our experience is that simpler offers get through the process faster and that some centers tend to be quicker than others. 

    • Management Services Center offers - this includes Schedule 874, 871, 899, 738, an d00CORP can take 7-12 months.
    • IT Schedule 70 - simpler offers or those pursuing just the IT Professional services SIN (132-51) are taking 5-7 months, while more complex products offers are taking 7-9 months.
    • Offers for building supplies, hardware and similar products vary widely and are taking in the 6-10 month range.

Firms that submit an incomplete proposal and or contain other inadequacies can cause it to take longer than necessary. Some firms going thorugh the process alone, without professional GSA consulting support, report it took them up to 2 years. 

Tips to shorten GSA Award time

Tips to get through the GSA process quicker:

    • Submit a clear and complete proposal.  GSA rejects 60% of first time offers.
    • Ensure that any deficiencies in your offer or qualification criteria issues are fully addressed in the offer.
    • Disclose all discounts and pricing issues clearly and completely
    • And of course, using TurboGSA helps!

TurboGSA employs methods to ensure that your offer is reviewed as quickly as possible.

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