What is the GSA

GSA is an acronym that stands for the General Services Administration, which is an independent agency within the executive branch of the United States federal government. Its headquarters is in Washington, DC, but it has regional officers throughout the United States.

GSA's Responsibilities

It has two primary purposes:

  • to administer the office and building needs of federal agencies through its Public Building Service (PBS), and
  • to provide strategic purchasing services to federal agencies through its Federal Acquisition Service (FAS).

Federal Acquisition Service

The Federal Acquisition Service is the division that administers the GSA Schedule program, under which many firms obtain GSA Contracts.  Their philosophy is that the US government is the world's largest client and, therefore, should be able to obtain the most favored customer pricing. Under the GSA Schedule contracts program, GSA negotiated competitive contracts with interested and qualified firms only in exchange for advantageous pricing.  GSA Schedule benefits contractors by exposing them to all federal agencies, allowing vendors to sell to any federal agency, and making it easier for agencies to buy from GSA  vendors.





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