Free Game

    Download this "GSA Schedule Game" containing tips and useful links on your journey to obtain a GSA Schedule contract.

    use it to:

    • Better understand the GSA Schedules program
    • Explaining GSA Contracting to others in your firm.
    • Understand the process for preparing a GSA Proposal
    • Understand how to generate GSA sales.

    The GSA Schedule Game

    Here’s a board game for those of you that are ready to get down to the essential  game of getting a GSA schedule contract.

    The GSA Schedule Game presents in board game fashion the steps needed to obtain a GSA contract and gain some traction in the Federal market.  

    Starting in the lower left corner, you begin your journey by receiving some free training about GSA Schedules, registering at various government web sites like SAM.gov, and reviewing criteria to see if a GSA contract makes sense for your firm. 

    Once you decide a GSA Schedule makes sense, you turn the corner and begin preparing your GSA proposal.  Preparing a GSA proposal can be complex, but the game provides several ideas for your consideration.

    The game also contains:

    • What to expect from GSA after you submit your proposal.
    • What to do after you win a contract.
    • Many links to useful resources.

    The GSA Schedule Game is intended to provide some useful tips to firms that are considering getting a GSA schedule contract.  Hopefully it will be helpful to you in understanding some of the key steps in your journey to obtain a GSA Schedule contract.

    Download GSA Game