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    This 8-page self assessment tool helps you determine if getting a GSA Contract will benefit your company and determine if your firm is qualified and ready to obtain a GSA contract.

    GSA Readiness Self-Assessment Toolkit: Getting a GSA Contract

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    Would obtaining a GSA contract help your business? Our 8-page self-assessment checklists helps you determine if:

    • Getting a GSA Contract will benefit your company

    • Your firm qualifies for a GSA contract

    • You have the resources to prepare a GSA proposal properly

    • Your people have the knowledge and time to develop a GSA offer, or if getting expert, ethical, business savvy help is more cost effective

    • How to evaluate GSA consultants.

    Why would you need a GSA Contract?

    • You want to enter the Federal market but have no contract.
    • You are currently serving the federal market but only working for a Prime contractor. GSA contracts help you expand and do work directly for the Government. 
    • A current Federal client has requested that you obtain a GSA Contract.
    • Your firm sells services or products with typical orders exceeding $3,000.
    • A State government customer has asked you to participate in its own Multiple Award Schedule program. Many of these state programs require you to first obtain a GSA contract (e.g. California’s CMAS program or Texas TMAS program).
    • You want to speed up the time it takes to receive orders from Agencies. GSA Contract orders typically take 15 days while other federal contracts can take 265 days.
    • You want to sell products on DoD’s eMall website, but having no Federal contract prevents you from being listed. Having a GSA contract allows you to be listed on DoD eMall.
    • You want access to opportunities reserved for current GSA contract holders.

    Small Business GSA Contracts

    Small businesses account for about 65% of all GSA contract holders, and for good reason! It’s the Swiss knife of federal contracts that allow you to sell to any federal agency and other related organizations. That is why the largest prime contractors usually get several GSA Schedule Contracts. However, obtaining a GSA schedule contract may not be for everyone, and not everyone may qualify. This workbook will help you make the right decision about whether to get a GSA Schedules contract.

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    Getting on the GSA schedule provides many opportunities for getting government contracts and significantly increasing revenues. A GSA contract:

    • Shortens the time for Agencies to issue contracts to you

    • Increases opportunities

    • Minimizes Federal contracting issues

    • Provides marketing cachet

    • Expandable to state and local governments under some circumstances.

    • Provides you with GSA marketing support

    Download our FREE GSA Contract Self Assessment Toolkit