Stretching your Federal Sales Funnel

Posted by Robert Kelly on Mar 2, 2011 1:49:00 PM

ABC - Always be closing… it’s a famous sales mantra.  But in order to close more government sales and obtain Federal contracts, you must first generate significant number of qualified leads.  And you cannot develop a significant amount of Federal sales leads before you first attract agencies to your firm.  This process of acquiring prospects, converting them into leads, and making them your Federal clients is known as the sales funnel and all deals begin with filling the top of the funnel.

Your Federal Sales Funnel

Federal salesTens, if not hundreds, of thousands of federal employees have a mission to complete and they need to buy products and services to help them do so.  They are out there actively looking for solutions.  Some are the end users, some are Federal program managers, and others are acquisition personnel supporting their technical and mission-oriented business colleagues. 

If they learn about your firm and become interested, they will fall into the top of your funnel.  The goal of your marketing program must be to interest as many of these buyers and attract them into the top of your sales funnel. 

So consider your own sales funnel.  How do you gain exposure and attract potential buyers into the top of your sales funnel?  Most firms have use traditional outbound methods to fill the top of their funnel.  These may include trade shows, seminars, direct (junk) mail, email blasts to purchased lists (spam), internal cold calling, outsourced telemarketing, and print and media advertising.  A recent article discussed the diminishing effectiveness of widely used traditional marketing methods (Six Reasons why Traditional Federal Marketing is Losing Effectiveness). 

Your Federal Sales Funnel

small busienss marketing ideas

Regardless of how effective you think your current Federal marketing plans are, your competitors are out there siphoning in prospect that could have been yours. 

So what should you do about this and how should you do it.  Most experts in marketing strategy development agree that stretching the federal sale funnel to capture greater numbers of interested prospects is highly desirable – common sense really.  By stretching your sales funnel, you squeeze competitors and greatly increase the number of prospects entering your funnel instead of theirs! 

Stretch your Federal Sales Funnel

government contractingHow can you stretch the top of your sales funnel?  By employing a Federal Inbound Marketing strategy. 

Federal Inbound Marketing is about strategically employing a combination of proven inbound marketing methods to enable Federal buyers to not only find you, but actively seek you out. It includes include methods such as content marketing, search engine optimization, webinars, feeds, RSS, and as appropriate for the federal space, social media such as LinkedIn. Some of these methods may sound like kids stuff to some Federal marketing traditionalist, but the cost savings and increased effectiveness over traditional outbound marketing is undeniable.

Stretch the Middle of your Federal Sales Funnel

In addition to stretching the top of your Federal sales funnel, our Federal inbound marketing strategies will also increase the number of prospects that convert into qualified leads. We will be publishing an article shortly about increasing Federal leads, so subscribe to this blog at the top right and we will email you this article. 

Federal Inbound Marketing

Want to learn more about Federal Inbound Marketing? Sign up for a free assessment and consultation to see if Federal Inbound Marketing can help you stretch your funnel and increase Federal sales.

Federal Inbound Marketing

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