Free EBook: Getting a GSA Contract: DIY or Retain Expert Help

    The 2020 changes made by GSA to its Multiple Awards Schedule program are the most significant and beneficial in the past two decades.

    For all the benefits that the GSA Schedules offers companies, the process of obtaining a GSA contract can be complex and require knowledge of the solicitation and procurement regulations.  Should you try to get a GSA contract on your own (do it yourself) or seek outside expert assistance?

    Deciding the Best Way to Obtain a GSA Contract

    This new EBook provide guidance and checklists for evaluating your options:

    • What do you need to know to complete a GSA proposal?
    • How is a GSA proposal Organized
    • What must you disclose to GSA
    • What to expect after submission
    • GSA Proposal Writing is Challenging; Surviving GSA’s Due Diligence is Equally Demanding

    Includes Two GSA Assessment Checklists

    The EBook also provides two assessment checklists to help you evaluate your options.

    • Does your team have the knowledge necessary to prepare a GSA proposal
    • How to evaluate GSA Consultants 

    How to Choose a Credible GSA Consultant

    Make a wise choice. Download the free EBook today! Covers:

    • Choosing a GSA Consultant 
    • How to avoid the common pitfalls when selecting a GSA consultant



    Choosing GSA consultants

    Free eBook: Getting a GSA Contract - DIY or Retain Expert help