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The free GSA Schedule Sales Query (SSQ) enables you to easily research how well your competitors are doing selling to the Government.  This system is managed by GSA and contains sales reported by GSA’s Federal Supply Schedule contractors.

Research Competitors using the GSA Schedule Sales Query

This illustrated 5-page guide shows you how to use the SSQ system. Gain knowledge about:

    • Competitor sales
    • GSA Schedules that your firm should consider
    • discern emerging sales patterns

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What is the GSA Schedule Sales Query?

The Schedule Sales Query, or SSQ, allows you to easily research how well your competitors are doing selling to the Government using their GSA Schedule contracts. Reports are avaiable based on submissions from individual GSA contractors.

SSQ sales query

SSQ sales query


SSQ contains a report generator that allows you to quickly select a preformatted report for the information you need. To facilitate the process, GSA's 12 standard sales reports were developed based on historically requested data.  Available schedule sales reports include:

1. All Schedules by Fiscal Year
2. All Schedules by all Available Fiscal Years
3. SIN & Schedule Totals by Fiscal Year
4. All Contract Sales by Schedule by Fiscal Year
5. Schedule Sales Grand Total by Quarter by Fiscal Year
6. Total for All Quarters by Contractor by Fiscal Year
7. Total by Quarter & SIN by Contract Number and Fiscal Year
8. Total for Each Quarter for a Specific SIN by Fiscal Year
9. Total by Quarter & Contract for a Specific Contractor and Fiscal Year
10. Total by Contractor for a Specific Schedule and Fiscal Year
11. All Sales by Fiscal Year for a Specific SIN Number
12. All Contractors by Schedule by Business Size by NAICS Code

A few reports are not all that useful for competitor research but may be helpful in determining other schedules that your firm may want to obtain, or to discern sales patterns by quarter.

This brief guide provides instructions on how to search competitors using the SSQ.

It explains

    • how to navigate the SSQ system,
    • which reports are best for GSA Competitor research, and
    • how to download competitor sales reports.

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