You've spent the better part of the past year completing your GSA offer and have successfully negotiated a deal with GSA.  You've won a GSA contract and congratulations are in order!  

But all new contractors will quickly realize that having a GSA schedule contract awarded is simply the end of the beginning.  Now the hard work will truly begin.

  • Do you understand the practical effects of the GSA contract terms?
  • Who should take care of each requirement?
  • What files should be maintained?
  • How do I avoid problems with the price reduction clause?
  • How do I ensure proper billing?
  • Do I really need to report all government sales and pay the IFF?
  • What if an agency wants something I do not have listed on my contract?
  • How do I deal with GSA contract assessments?

What should a Firm do once a GSA contract has been Awarded?  

Our recommendation is to develop a plan so that you can reap the rewards.  

This 24-page EBook provides valuable, practical tips on what you should be doing to take advantage of your GSA contract through effective GSA marketing And, you must manage GSA compliance. 

gsa awardThis EBook contains information covering the following GSA compliance and marketing topics:

  • GSA price list preparation and upload
  • Reporting quarterly sales
  • Other reporting requirements
  • Keeping your contract current
  • Selling Open Market items
  • Contractor teaming agreements
  • TAA compliance
  • Fed-Friendly web site
  • and more

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