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Let's face facts.  Finding federal business opportunities that truly match what your firm does is more than just challenging.  And staying on top of how government buys and their use  of various types of government contracts is always challenging seems to ever change. And putting together a government proposal is not an easy chore, especially in the early days.  So what is a business to do, especially a business that has limited time and resources to analyze federal buying habits, preferences and methods.


FedBiz Opportunities Aplenty

The essential federal business opportunities website is fedbizopps (fedbizopps.gov), which allows you to find any Federal RFP (RFP means government request for proposal) and search through all the pending bid opportunities. Fed Bids that don't appear here may be available only to GSA contractors through GSA's eBuy system.

Many private sector services exist that identify federal business opportunities for a fee.  You input your key words, NAICS, PCS and FSC codes and you receive daily emails with many...often too many bid opportunities.  But how many of those opportunities really meet your criteria. Very few!  Anyone who has used eBuy knows that you will often receive dozens of alerts to bids that fall under your SIN, but have nothing to do with your services or product offerings.  For those firms in highly specialized areas, just figuring out what key words an agency procurement officer might use is challenging. They may use NAICS codes you hadn't even contemplated.  

Bottom line -

    • automated bid services often fail to deliver qualified bid opportunities!
    • automated services deliver too many bids, thereby diluting your sales reps' effort.
    • Agencies change their methods of identifying small businesses and their methods of contracting.

FedBid Lookout™ - Intelligent Federal Business Opportunity Identification

Succeeding in these programs requires constant diligence to identify opportunities and respond to appropriately targeted opportunities in a timely fashion. TurboGSA's FedBid Lookout™  service provides you with the capability to identify and pursue these opportunities cost effectively without hiring new staff. 

fed-biz-opportunitiesTurboGSA's FedBid Lookout™ supplements your internal business development capabilities to take advantage of opportunities that fall under the Simplified Acquisition Program, Requests for Information, and GSA’s eBuy program.  We continuously monitor agencies who are soliciting small businesses in your field.

Unlike automated services, we use trained staff to monitor agency opportunities that are appropriate for your business.  We build a knowledge base specific to your firm so that we can assess the appropriateness of each opportunity so that we do not inundate you with too many. This is essential because opportunities come and go quickly and often are on a short fuse.  and we provide value added business development services as part of the program, thereby enhancing and extending your limited sales and marketing resources

TurboGSA's FedBid Lookout™  service provides you with:

    • Continuous SAP, RFI and GSA Monitoring 
    • Analysis of Federal Business Opportunities 
    • Immediate Notification 
    • Proposal and Response Assistance 
    • Strategic Business Development Recommendations 

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