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Federal Market Assessment

federal-market \-researchCompeting in the Federal market takes hard work, but working smart is essential for small businesses with limited time and resources.

Many companies enter the Federal market with an idea of the needs of Federal agencies but are overwhelmed with the size of the market and knowing where to focus their Federal marketing efforts.


What if you knew which agencies need your services and were actively buying from your competitors?

What if you knew where your firm could fit in the market?

Would this intelligence help you focus your marketing efforts and bring results sooner? 

Would it help you establish a sound government sales and marketing plan?


A Market Assessment for Smarter Federal Market Planning

federal-market-researchFedBiz Explorer™ provides you with a federal market assessment of the competitive picture of the federal landscape and opportunities. 

Your FedBiz Explorer™ report provides recommendations that give you a comprehensive picture of the Federal market landscape that enable your firm to develop its strategic and tactical plans with greater focus.

FedBiz Explorer™ helps you make smart choices in deciding on the proper mix of traditional outbound marketing tools and newer inbound marketing techniques.

    • Which agencies are buying your services
    • Which competitors are selling to Federal agencies
    • How much and to whom are competitors selling
    • Identification of prior significant Federal contracts pertaining your industry
    • Identification of upcoming solicitations
    • Federal sales and marketing coaching 

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    FedBiz Explorer™: Federal Market Assessment


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