GSA Contract Administration

About GSA Contract Administration and Compliance

This video discusses contract administration matters for all GSA contracts, including GSA schedules (MAS FSS) and other GSA contracts such as PBS contracts.

Discusses key government contract terms, such as:

  • eVerify
  • Security (HSPD-12)
  • Inspector General Audits
  • Service Contract Act
  • Walsh Healy Act
  • Cost accounting standards
  • Truth in Negotiations
  • Davis Bacon - minimum wages on federally funded construction projects
  • Brooks Act - pertains to engineering and architectural firms
  • Miller Act - pertaining to bonds for government contracts

GSA Schedule Compliance Issues - Multiple Award Schedules (MAS)

  • Equal Opportunity Act
  • Basis of award - BOA Discount relationship
  • Commercial Sales Practices
  • Price Reduction Clause (PRC)
  • Trade Agreement Act (TAA)
  • GSA-initiated Mass Mods
  • eMod
  • Price Increases, decreases and other changes.
  • GSA Advantage - keeping it current at least once every 2 years
  • Reporting
  • GSA Sales Reporting (72a)
  • Subcontracting reports (for large businesses
  • Affirmative Action annual reports 
  • VETS100 annual report
  • offerings within scope of GSA contract
  • GSA Contractor Assessments
  • GSA Contract Records Retention

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    GSA Contract Compliance


    You Won a GSA Contract!What do you do no

    In addition to the above, free resource, TurboGSA also offers training and consulting to firms wishing to:

    • Set up internal processes to manage its GSA contract properly.
    • Prepare for Audits (both Assessments & OIG audits).
    • Other Compliance Activities

    GSA contract modifications

    Option to Renew

    GSA Audit and Contract Assessments 

    GSA Advantage Uploads.