GSA Contract Compliance System

For long-term compliance, be sure to establish a system to manage your GSA contract effectively. You should develop procedures covering the following:

  • Assign Responsibilities – Make sure you know who will be the contract administrator, report sales and pay the IFF, maintain files, and keep CCR and ORCA registrations up to date.
  • Procedure for Receiving GSA Orders – Make sure your team knows what entities are authorized to buy off of a GSA contract, how to properly price GSA orders, and how to properly identify open market items (if any). Make sure you’ve made arrangements to accept government purchase cards.
  • Monitor Price Reduction Clause (PRC) Issues – Make sure sales and contracts people know the “basis of award provisions” in your GSA contract, understand the price discounts negotiated, and monitor other customer discounting practices to prevent PRC violations.
  • Train Sales Staff – Let salespeople know what agencies are authorized to buy off of the GSA contract; ensure they know that items sold that are not listed on your GSA contract are known as “open market items” and must be properly identified to the federal buyer. And they should know under what conditions spot discounts may be provided to government agencies.
  • Keep Pricing Up to Date – If your firm lowers its prices, then GSA prices must be lowered. If your pricing goes up, follow your contract provisions for price increases (known as “economic price adjustments” in GSA-speak).

Remember, receiving your GSA contract award is only the first step on the long road to successful and sustainable GSA sales.

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