Why Our GSA Contract Approach Works

Getting on a GSA schedule is difficult, but by working with TurboGSA, you can be assured of high-quality service that produces winning GSA proposals: 

Why TurboGSA works?

Why is this important?

Vast Experience:

With more than 20 years in business and having helped hundreds of companies of all sizes in dozens of industries obtain a federal supply schedule, our experience is invaluable to you as you pursue your GSA contract.

Seasoned Advice:

Our GSA Consultants provide veteran guidance that is second to none in the industry. When hiring a GSA consulting firm, the question you should ask is, "Who specifically will be working on my GSA contract and what are their backgrounds?" Because at the end of the day, you are hiring people, not a firm, to help you negotiate a lucrative and audit-proof contract.

Knowledge of Pitfalls:

You need not worry about surprises because TurboGSA knows GSA's review process and can anticipate potential obstacles and devise strategies to ensure your firm is awarded a GSA contract.

Quality not Quantity:

While TurboGSA has hundreds of satisfied customers, we pride ourselves not on the number of contracts we have won, but on the quality of the advice we provide. TurboGSA understands the importance of negotiating a profitable and compliant contract for you.

Negotiating Favorable Rates:

GSA drives a hard bargain, but we negotiate GSA pricing that is profitable for you.

Efficient Process:

You benefit from the most effective method for collecting your information and preparing your GSA proposal. Your involvement in mundane matters is minimized so that you can spend your time wisely on the most important issues.

Avoiding Serious Consequences:

Many of the decisions you make during this process, and how you present your offer to GSA, can significantly affect sales and operations. Relying on a firm that just processes forms and does not provide you with expert advice is a mistake. By selecting TurboGSA, you will be choosing to work with specialists in the industry, not paper processors with little government experience.


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