FAQ's about TurboGSA GSA Consulting Services and GSA Consultants

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Is TurboGSA a consulting services, a GSA schedule application (software program or wizard), or a self guided system?

TurboGSA is a GSA consulting service combining expert consultation with Web-based systems to quickly and efficiently develop your GSA schedule proposal or VA schedule proposal. Our GSA consultants provide personalized GSA schedule services.  It is not a GSA schedule application, software program, wizard or self guided program. 

Do you guide us or do you prepare the proposal?

Our GSA proposal writers spend more time writing required documents, such as GSA project descriptions, labor categories, and corporate narratives, to ensure the documents are acceptable to GSA contracting officers. Other firms give you a template and make you fill it out.

How much time does the GSA consultant spend helping us?

Our GSA consultants provides you with all the GSA schedule help and consultation you need to understand GSA requirements and how to best present your offer. Once all the information is collected and reviewed, GSA consultants generate all GSA proposal documents, forms and addenda. Your TurboGSA consultant will review the draft of your offer with you and make any required changes before preparing the final submission.

How much of my time does it take to complete the proposal?

Various schedules have different information requirements.  But assuming you have ready access to most the information you need, it should take about 8-32 hours of your time, or roughly 10-20% of the time it would take if you did it on your own. 

How much does this service cost?

The cost for our GSA Service varies a bit depending on which GSA schedule you decide to pursue, the size and complexity of your offer, and related factors.  For a quotation, please click on Get GSA Quote and you will hear back from us.

What happens if GSA changes its solicitation in the middle of our project?

TurboGSA will ensure that your proposal is produced using the current version of the GSA solicitation. 

Do you prepare VA schedule contracts?

Yes, we have won VA Schedule contracts for many of our clients. 

The paperwork looks daunting but I think I could get through it.  What additional value do you provide?

First, by using our efficient process, our GSA consultants minimize your involvement in mundane matters involving information assembly and document preparation, so that you can spend your valuable time on the most important issues.

But our greatest value to you is the quality of the advice you receive.  It is important to understand that obtaining a GSA schedule contract is more than simply processing a lot of paperwork. 

Many of the decisions you will make during the process, and how you present the offer to GSA, will have a significant effect on your sales and operations. You will be dealing with senior experts in the industry, not paper processors a few years out of school. 

How does  a GSA schedule work?

GSA schedule contracts are an important tool in your federal sales and marketing efforts. Obtaining a GSA contract is not easy; it requires expertise to ensure a fair and compliant contract is negotiated. 

To learn more about how GSA schedules work, please visit our GSA learning center.


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