Complete FSG Codes for Services

Each FSC code is derived from the category of Federal Supply Groups (FSG). A list of major FSC codes appears below.

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Service Codes

The FSG codes for Services are as follows:

Code Description

A Research and Development

B Special Studies and Analyses -- Not R&D

C Architect and Engineering Services -- Construction

D Automatic Data Processing and Telecommunication Services

E Purchase of Structures and Facilities

F Natural Resources and Conservation Services

G Social Services

H Quality Control, Testing, and Inspection Services

I Maintenance, Repair and Rebuilding of Equipment

K Modification of Equipment

L Technical Representative Services

M Operation of Government-Owned Facility

N Installation of Equipment

P Salvage Services

Q Medical Services

R Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services

S Utilities and Housekeeping Services

T Photographic, Mapping, Printing, and Publications Services

U Education and Training Services

V Transportation, Travel and Relocation Services

W Lease or Rental of Equipment

X Lease or Rental of Facilities

Y Construction of Structures and Facilities

Z Maintenance, Repair or Alteration of Real Property

Product Codes

For product and supply codes, see complete FSC Codes for Products


Most federal government product/service listings and procurements are identified by their NAICS code and/or FSC code. You can find the codes relating to your business at these web sites:

NAICS codes


FSC codes


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