Traditional Marketing to the Federal Government: The Basics

The Federal Government spends billions of dollars on professional services, including:

    • IT services,
    • training,
    • HR Consulting,
    • media and marketing, and
    • engineering services.

The Federal Government also spends billions of dollars on every type of product imaginable:

    • software, hardware, 
    • books, training programs, 
    • hardware, 
    • tools, 
    • scientific instruments, 
    • vehicles,
    • modular buildings,
    • office equipment,
    • food preparation products,
    • locks,
    • security equipment,
    • emergency response products and
    • many, many more.

You name it, and the Federal government probably needs it.  As time goes on, the Federal agencies increasingly look for outside assistance rather than performing these types of services “in house”. 

Federal government marketing has been thought of as quite complex, almost rising to the level of a black art.  But the trend in government procurement is to make things simpler for both the Government and contract service providers. 

But while procurement and contracting issues are less complex than in previous years, you still need to market your services. 

Federal Marketing

This eGuide explains the basics of Federal marketing in these days of more simplified procurement rules and conveys the message that marketing to Federal agencies can be quite similar to your traditional, commercial marketing practices.  The eGuide also provides ample web-based resources that can be helpful in launching a federal marketing strategy.

For information about developing a breakthrough Federal marketing strategy, learn more about our Federal Inbound Marketing System 

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