Align Sales and Marketing with Buyer for GSA Sales Success

Smart Government contractors have worked to align marketing and sales in recent years.  

The benefits can include:

    • Improved return on marketing investment
    • Improved sales productivity
    • Revenue growth

But what is missing from this process?  

It's the federal buyer!  You can align marketing and sales all you want, but are they aligned with the federal customer buying process?  

TurboGSA works with government contractors to integrate their marketing and sales processes internally, and align to the federal agency's buying process to ensure extraordinary results.  

Sales, Marketing, and Business Development resoruces Must be Aligned to the Buyer's Process

Your team will start with the basics, ensuring that everyone understands how federal clients buy your products or services. Your team will progress to a more evolved understanding of all the players involved in the buying process.  They will better understand how sales can play in helping the client through each of the stages of their process. Then we look at the role marketing plays at each step of the buying process.  The result will be a cohesive strategy that moves federal agencies   buying process in a coordinated manner.

Efficiency and effectiveness are improved. More government contracts are awarded.

MSB Process Alignment


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