Free EBook: Getting a GSA Contract: DIY or Retain Expert Help

    For all the benefits that the GSA Schedules offers companies, the process of obtaining a GSA contract can be complex.  Should you try to get a GSA contract on your own (do it yourself) or seek outside expert assistance?

    Deciding the Best Way to Obtain a GSA Contract

    This new EBook provide guidance and checklists for evaluating your options:

    • What do you need to know to complete a GSA proposal?
    • How is a GSA proposal Organized
    • What must you disclose to GSA
    • What to expect after submission
    • GSA Proposal Writing is Challenging; Surviving GSA’s Due Diligence is Equally Demanding

    Includes Two GSA Assessment Checklists

    The EBook also provides two assessment checklists to help you evaluate your options.

    • Does your team have the knowledge necessary to prepare a GSA proposal
    • Evaluating GSA Consultants 

    How to Choose a Credible GSA Consultant

    Make a wise choice. Download the free EBook today! Covers:

    • Choosing a GSA Consultant 
    • How to avoid the common pitfalls when selecting a GSA consultant



    Choosing GSA consultants

    Free eBook: Getting a GSA Contract - DIY or Retain Expert help