GSA IT Schedule 70

GSA IT Schedule: Information Technology

GSA IT Schedule 70 is one of the largest and most common means by which the federal government procures information technology based goods and services.


GSA schedule 84 sales

GSA Schedule 70 is the top schedule of all schedules in terms of sales.  In 2012, sales totaled $15,387,289,093.













What can be listed on Schedule 70?

There are a wide array of GSA IT Solutions and communications related products and services that may be sold under this schedule including:

  • Audio Visual Presenting and Composing equipment
  • Communications Devices and Accessories
  • Broadcasting and Telecommunications Components and Media Services
  • Computers, Computer Accessories, and Computer Services
  • Electronics
  • Multi Media Network Equipment, Platforms, and Accessories
  • Semiconductor Services
  • Electronic Hardware and Component Parts
  • Electronic Reference Manuals
  • Circuits and Micro-assemblies
  • Software and Applications
  • IT Professional Services
  • Internet Services
  • Satellite Services
  • Electronic and Internet subscription service
  • Electronic Credentials, Identity Proofed (Assurance Level 2 ? OMB M-04-04) Managed Service
  • Commercial Satellite 
  • Digital certificates
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Shared Service Providers
  • IT Training

State and Local Government Sales under Cooperative Purchasing Provision

In addition to all the federal agencies that can buy GSA IT Solutions, GSA's cooperative purchasing program allows state and local governments to buy off GSA IT Schedule 70, making this an essential government contract vehicle.

In FY2011, approximate $600 million worth of products and services were purchased off of Schedule 70- by state and local governments.  GSA expects this to rise in the coming years, reaching $1.5 billion in FY 2016.  Local governments and public K-12 schools seem to be actively using this schedule.

This will be the contract of choice for many S&L governments, accounting for nearly 3% of their purchases.

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