GSA Schedules Experience

We provide high-value, reasonable fee services to small, medium, and large businesses alike.  We have obtained GSA Contracts for products and services firms in many different industries, including but not limited to the following GSA Schedules:

GSA Schedule 70 - Information Technology

We have helped prepare GSA schedule 70 contracts for dozens of firms and obtained GSA schedule 70 contracts for firms such as Medical IT Program Management firm, Information Security firms, Placement firms, Medical Transcription firm, Data services firm, Networking consultants, software publishers, custom programming firms, servers, disaster recovery, GIS Systems, email archiving,computer training firms, custom programming firms, system integrators.

GSA IT Schedule 70 contractors are the most numerous of any GSA schedule and schedule 70 sales rank #1 year after year. Prepare GSA Schedule 70 proposals on your own using our TurboiGSA Lite service to ease the prepaation process and gain expert advice.  Or, use our TurbGSA full service GSA consulting program for enhanced value.

GSA Schedule 874 - MOBIS 

GSA MOBIS contract obtained for University, International Development firm, Operations Research firm, Leadership Development firms, process improvement. The MOBIS Schedule is the 2nd most popular GSA schedule as measured by sales. GSA MOBIS rates vary widely, as many national, expensive consulting firms have MOBS contracts, as do smaller, less expensive boutique consulting firms. 

The Fee to get a MOBIS schedule is similar to any other professional services schedule. If you are interested in our MOBIS rates, please request a MOBIS GSA Proposal quote.

GSA Schedule 874 (formerly 69) - Training

GSA contract obtained for Simulator company, computer Training, Homeland Security, productivity enhancements.

GSA Schedule 871Engineering 

GSA contract obtained for Engineering Consulting Firm, Civil Engineering, defense systems, defense program management, surveillance systems, productivity improvement

GSA Schedule 899 - Environmental Services

GSA contract obtained for Environmental Consultants, Waste management, GIS

GSA Schedule 541 - Marketing (AIMS)

GSA contract obtained for Graphic Arts firms, Recruiting Ad Agency,market strategy firms.

GSA Schedule 738 X - Human Resources

GSA contract obtained for EEO Investigations, temporary staffing firms, employee screening, HR Consultants

GSA Schedule 84 - Alarms/ Safety/ Law Enforcement/Security

GSA contract obtained for Military equipment manufacturer, safety supplies, safety equipment reseller, video surveillance manufacturer, building access systems.

GSA Schedule 84 - Fire Fighting Protection

GSA contract obtained for Vendor of personal protective equipment, hazmat protection, forest fire equipment and chemical manufacturers.

GSA Schedule 36 - Office Equipment, Document Management, Litigation Support

GSA contract obtained for Printer Supply Company, Binding and Laminating reseller, litigation support firms

GSA Schedule 66 - Laboratory, Scientific Equipment

GSA contract obtained for Oceanography Equipment Manufacturer, Laboratory Instruments Manufacturer, Environmental Test Equipment Manufacturer, Navigation systems, avionics.

GSA Schedule 56 - Building Materials and Services

GSA contract obtained for Modular Office Buildings resellers and manufacturers, Water Purification Equipment Manufacturer, Bathroom Partitions Manufacturer, Electric wholesaler,  HVAC parts, lighting systems, airport lighting, blast protection.  In 2012, GSA Schedule 56 had sales of $490 million.

GSA Schedule 78 - Promotional Items

GSA contract obtained for Trade Show Exhibits firm, custom T-shirt.

GSA Schedule 51 V - Hardware

GSA contract obtained for Tool company, industrial parts supplier, HVAC equipment, hardware store, tools resellers, coatings manufacturers

GSA Schedule 65 - Healthcare

GSA contract obtained for Healthcare staffing firms, medical instruments, patient mobility devices

GSA Schedule 71 -Furniture

Custom conference table manufacturer, office surveys.

GSA Schedule 67 - Photographic Supplies and Services

GSA contract obtained for CD-ROM/DVD Duplication and replication, Professional Digital Printers and Photographic equipment and supplies.

GSA Schedule 65 II - Medical Equipment & Supplies

GSA contract obtained for Specialized bandage manufacturer, Ophthalmic, medical imaging firm, professional service, diagnostics equipment.

GSA Schedule 73 - Food Service Industry Suppliers

GSA contract obtained for Industrial vacuum manufacturer, Safety equipment

GSA Schedule 738 II - Language

GSA contract obtained for Foreign language teaching, language testing and certification, translations.

GSA Schedule 03FAC - Facility Management

GSA contract obtained for Electricians, plumbers, landscape and grounds maintenance.

GSA Schedule 23 - Automotive

GSA contract obtained for Parts suppliers, rebulit transmissions manufacturer.

GSA Schedule 58 I- Audio Video Solutions

GSA contract obtained for Conference and Training Room designs. A/V equipment resellers.

GSA Schedule 736 - Temporary Staffing

GSA contract obtained for Temporary staffing firms

GSA Schedule 81 I B - Shipping and Packaging Materials

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