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GSA News

GSA On Track to Meet Administration's 2020 Renewable Energy Goal with First-of-its-Kind Wind Energy Procurement

The Wind Energy Procurement will add over 500,000 MWhs of electricity to the power grid, & is the largest wind energy purchase from a single...Read more

GSA to Test Commercial Car Sharing as New Federal Fleet Solution

Short-term rental options for federal agencies will be piloted in four U.S....Read more

GSA Begins Next Phase of DHS Consolidation

GSA has awarded a design-build contract to renovate the historic Center Building at the Department of Homeland Security's St. Elizabeths...Read more

GSA Reviews New Version of LEED

GSA releases review of LEED Version...Read more

GSA Helps Army Attain Net Zero Energy

GSA releases report designed to help the Army attain net zero energy through employing high-impact energy efficiency...Read more

GSA Schedule and Federal Marketing News

GSA Schedules: Spectators and Superstars

TurboGSA has been analyzing GSA sales information for some time now … trying to better understand which contractors are succeeding, and more importantly, what do differently from those who fail to generate GSA sales.  We look for tactics and...Read more

Price Reduction Clause Spells Troubles for a GSA Contractor

According to a report published in PC World yesterday, the large technology contractor CA was sued by the Department of Justice for failing to comply with the price reduction clause of its GSA Contract. According to DOJ, this violated the False...Read more

Selling to Government: Help Establish the Agency Buying Vision

Have you ever thought this? You have a great solution to an agency’s problem, but the solicitation contains a few odd requirements.  And maybe the language suggests it is wired for someone else.  It’s not necessarily for any underhanded...Read more

GSA Contract Renewal - First Things First

Before you attempt to extend your GSA contract for another five years, your team needs to understand the renewal process and and begin preparing well before the official renewal process...Read more

GSA Contract Audit – The Video

It usually starts off with an email from someone at GSA, that begins, “As part of your GSA schedule contract requirement, I would like to set up a Contractor Assistance Visit (CAV) review with you on...Read more

SBA News

Extended Comment Period- Waters of the United States

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) have extended the comment period for the proposed rule defining the scope of waters protected under the Clean Water Act (CWA).  This proposal would set forth several categories of waters to be included in the definition as well as establish waters that are subject to the act.  The comment period now...Read more

STEM Entrepreneurship: Are Women on a Level Playing Field?

  STEM Entrepreneurship:  Are Women on a Level Playing Field? Office of Advocacy report identifies gender differences in STEM entrepreneurship and strives to find avenues for...Read more

DOL Proposes Rule to Encourage Pay Transparency for Government Contractors

On September 17, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) of the Department of Labor released a proposed rule that would prohibit federal contractors from maintaining pay secrecy policies.  The rule, which implements Executive Order 13655, would require most contractors and subcontractors to change the nondiscrimination provisions in their contracts to state that they will...Read more

Regulatory Capital Rules: Regulatory Capital, Implementation of Tier 1/Tier 2 Framework

On September 4, 2014, the Farm Credit Administration (FCA) published a proposed rule on Regulatory Capital Rules: Regulatory Capital, Implementation of Tier 1/Tier 2 Framework.  FCA is seeking comments on this proposed rule that would revise the regulatory capital requirements for Farm Credit System (System) institutions to include tier 1and tier 2 risk-based capital ratio requirements...Read more

SBA Advice

5 Ways To Prepare for Small Business Saturday

November 29th is Small Business Saturday! That’s right, the day after Black Friday and before Cyber Monday is your chance to make a...Read more

Profitable and Out of Business

Having cash on hand is critical to staying afloat. In fact, profitable companies go broke because they had all their money tied up in assets and couldn’t pay their expenses. Working...Read more

SHOP Early Access Available to Small Businesses in Five States

Note: This blog is authored by Rhett Buttle, Director of Private Sector Engagement at HHS. It originally appeared...Read more

How to Prepare your Business to Graduate from the 8(a) Program

Hundreds of small businesses enter the SBA’s 8(a) business development program each year, but...Read more

5 Scary Excuses That Are Keeping You from Starting a Business (But Shouldn't)

Are you thinking about starting a business? If you’re like many people, starting a business is a cherished dream. Sure, you can see yourself doing what you love and creating something...Read more

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