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GSA News

GSA Announces OASIS SB Now Open for Business

Court of Federal Claims and GAO deny all OASIS SB protests, GSA issues Notice to...Read more

GSA Gets Green in New Carrollton

Tangherlini Announces New Energy Savings Performance Contracts in DC Metro...Read more

GSA Awards CAMEO Task Orders to Transform FAS Business Systems and Applications

GSA announces the award of the CAMEO Task Order to Lockheed Martin, and the CAMEO Small Business Task Order to Alliant Solution...Read more

GSA's "Green Button" to Save Energy Costs Across Federal Government

GSA will use Green Button technology to save energy and shrink costs across the federal...Read more

GSA Schedule and Federal Marketing News

Price Reduction Clause Spells Troubles for a GSA Contractor

According to a report published in PC World yesterday, the large technology contractor CA was sued by the Department of Justice for failing to comply with the price reduction clause of its GSA Contract. According to DOJ, this violated the False...Read more

Selling to Government: Help Establish the Agency Buying Vision

Have you ever thought this? You have a great solution to an agency’s problem, but the solicitation contains a few odd requirements.  And maybe the language suggests it is wired for someone else.  It’s not necessarily for any underhanded...Read more

GSA Contract Renewal - First Things First

Before you attempt to extend your GSA contract for another five years, your team needs to understand the renewal process and and begin preparing well before the official renewal process...Read more

GSA Contract Audit – The Video

It usually starts off with an email from someone at GSA, that begins, “As part of your GSA schedule contract requirement, I would like to set up a Contractor Assistance Visit (CAV) review with you on...Read more

State and Local Governments can Use GSA Schedule Program

Increasingly, state, local and education institutions (SLED) have been taking advantage of buying products and services at preferred rates from favored vendors through the GSA schedule...Read more

SBA News

Regulatory Capital Rules: Regulatory Capital, Implementation of Tier 1/Tier 2 Framework

On September 4, 2014, the Farm Credit Administration (FCA) published a proposed rule on Regulatory Capital Rules: Regulatory Capital, Implementation of Tier 1/Tier 2 Framework.  FCA is seeking comments on this proposed rule that would revise the regulatory capital requirements for Farm Credit System (System) institutions to include tier 1and tier 2 risk-based capital ratio requirements...Read more

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration proposes an aquaculture plan for the federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico

On August 28, 2014 the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) released a proposed rule for the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council’s Fishery Management Plan for Regulating Offshore Marine Aquaculture in the Gulf of...Read more

Advocacy Releases Small Business Profiles for All the States and Territories

                                          The U.S. is home to 28 million small businesses.   WASHINGTON – Today, the Office of Advocacy, an independent office within the Small Business...Read more

DOL Releases Proposed Rule Increasing Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors

On June 17, 2014, the Department of Labor released a proposed rule implementing Executive Order 13658, which increases the hourly minimum wage for federal contractors, subcontractors and their workers to $10.10 per hour, beginning January 1, 2015, and beginning January 1, 2016, and annually thereafter, to an amount determined by the Secretary of Labor.  This applies to new contracts,...Read more

SBA Advice

The Power of Words in Business

Words can be a very powerful tool. They can help you connect with customers, assist in negotiation and, ultimately, they can help you build your business. That’s why it’s vital to pick your...Read more

8 Tips for Finding Government Contracting Opportunities

Despite recent budget cuts, the U.S. federal marketplace remains a lucrative opportunity for small businesses. The federal government typically spends approximately $500 billion in contracts...Read more

SBA Announces New Certificate of Competency Contracting Course to Help Small Business Contractors

If you are a small business seeking contracting opportunities with the federal government, the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world, check out the U.S. Small...Read more

How to Take Your Solopreneurship to the Next Level

If you’re like nearly 18 million people in the US, you’re operating your business as a solopreneur. That means you’ve been doing everything, from making sales to refilling the printer paper....Read more

Credit Unions Help Set the Stage for Greatest Generation's Encore Act

The need to earn income doesn’t go away for many Americans as they reach retirement age. Even with Social Security or pension income, bringing in a supplementary revenue stream can be a...Read more

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