GSA Contract Modification


general services administration GSATurboGSA provides complete GSA Schedule assistance, providing your firm with outsourced expertise throughout complete contract management program, or ala carte GSA services and as-needed assistance.  TurboGSA prepares and processes modification requests with your Contracting Officer through GSA eMod (part of the GSA eOffer system) and then upload changes to GSA Advantage!

Types of GSA Modifications

GSA Modifications include: 

    • Administrative changes
    • Product or Service Additions / Deletions
    • Price Decreases
    • Price Increases (Economic Price Adjustments - EPA)
    • Solicitation Refreshes (i.e., Revisions) and Contract Amendments
    • GSA Advantage Upload
    • TAA Compliance
    • GSA price list preparation and upload to GSA eLibrary

Far too many firms find themselves out of compliance simply because they forgot to update their GSA contract after a change of address or personnel changes affecting their designated contract administrator or authorized negotiator.  Firms often recognize this only when they need to file a modification to add products or increase their price, and realize that employees who had access to GSA Advantage or were designated as the contract administrator or authorized negotiator no longer work for their firm.

Others forget to update their GFSA pricing for a few years and then realize that their is a cap on how much of an increase they can get in any one year.  These mistakes can be very costly.

GSA Schedule Assistance

You receive these affordable services:

    • on an as-needed basis or
    • through an annual contract management support program.  

GSA Contract Management Review

Our GSA Contract management review helps manager establish or revise internal contract management systems and procedures to ensure compliance and GSA success. Our review is used for:

    • ensure GSA contract compliance
    • facilitate periodic reviews of your GSA contract requirements 
    • help prepare for GSA Contractor assistance Visits (CAV), GSA Report Cards, and audits.

GSA Contract Compliance Training

TurboGSA teaches you about the types of GSA Audits and Contractor Assistance Visits (CAV) and how to prepare for an upcoming GSA audit.  It discusses how to set up internal procedures and systems to ensure GSA contract compliance and avoid audit problems.


    Contract Modifications

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