Contract Compliance Boot Camp



The GSA and VA Schedules program requires careful attention to details to ensure complying with the contract’s requirements. Some unique aspects of this contract  impose distinct requirements on the contractor, such as

  • restrictions on where products may come from,
  • monitoring pricing and discounting in the commercial world very closely,
  • tracking FSS sales separate from other government sales.
  • special modification requirements

Not complying with all aspects of these requirements can result in cancellation, fines and penalties.

While GSA and VA provide some basic training and information about contract compliance, few find such advice all that practical, comprehensive, or address real-world issues.

TurboGSA’s Principal Consultant, Robert Kelly delivers this course in an interactive manner that facilitates extensive discussion, tuned to your firms needs.  Mr. Kelly provides insightful answers to your team’s questions, and practical, real-world advice on managing your contract.

Who Should Attend this GSA Compliance Training

This course was designed for a firm’s:

  • Assigned contract administrator
  • Backup contract administrators
  • Sales manager
  • Company manager with overall responsibility for GSA/VA contracts

While not a sales training class per se, some sales people with responsibility for federal sales may benefit from this course as well.

Format and Location

TurboGSA offers this course via a combination of online learning and live Q&A/coaching sessions, delivering high quality training at much less than in-person training. 

New in Spring,2017 

Course Topics

The following topics are covered.  For a full course outline, please complete the form to the right and we will email you a copy.

  • Overview of the GSA/VA Federal Supply Schedule program
  • Key Contract Clauses
  • Modifying your Contract
  • Using Key Government Websites
  • Using GSA Advantage Effectively
  • FSS Reporting Requirements
  • Working with your Sales team to Ensure Compliance
  • Preparing for Contractor Assessments and Audits
  • Contract Extensions and Renewals

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