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 FedBiz Mentor

FedBiz Mentor™ for Firms Entering the Fed Market 

Our FedBiz Mentor™ service is designed to help firms entering the federal market for the first time.  We provide information, analytics, and assistance in getting started in the lucrative but challenging federal market.

 FedBiz Explorer

FedBiz Explorer™ - Federal Market Assessment

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Federal market landscape and how your company can succeed in this unique market. 

 FedBiz Magnet

FedBiz Magnet™ - Federal Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing provides your business with the breakthrough strategy to break down barriers, attract federal clients and generate significant qualified leads. It is a comprehensive approach, integrating content marketing, search, optimization, social, and analytics to maximize your exposure in the federal market.  

FedBiz Navigator

FedBiz Navigator™ - GSA and Federal Sales Coaching

Give your team the support to achieve success using your GSA contract. Our coaching program provides ongoing advice on exploiting the opportunities that your GSA contract offers.

 FedBiz Lookout

FedBid Lookout™ - Intelligent Opportunity Identification

TurboGSA FedBid Lookout™ supplements your internal business development capabilities by continuously monitoring agencies who are soliciting small businesses in your field.


GSA Sales Training: 

Selling using Your New GSA Schedule

Selling using your new GSA Schedule is a training program that provides a solid foundation for your federal sales reps to understand
    • the benefits of the GSA contract,
    • the rules that affect their sales and
    • an array of tips and advice for effectively selling using you GSA contract.

This customized course can be delivered at your office and is adapted to your contract terms and conditions. Or, we can offer a web-based version. 

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    This free Federal Marketing eGuide outlines the basic steps necessary to begin effectively marketing to the Federal government and contains many resources to help you along the way.

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