GSA Contract Audits

Government wins $128 million settlement from GSA contractor

 A General Services Administration contractor will pay $128 million to settle a lawsuit alleging it failed to offer the government its best commercial pricing on information technology goods and services. The settlement is the largest to date associated with GSA's former Federal Supply Service (Click here for more info).

Don't fear Audits - Prepare for Audits

Prepare for GSA Audits and Contractor Assistance Visits

GSA sends out Industrial Operations Analyst to offer help AND to check up on you, in what they call Contractor Assistance Visits (CAV). However, that is a euphemism for an auditor doing an audit.

Audits are initially conducted in the first 12 months after your contract is awarded and then again generally 42-48 months into your contract.  The later audit is critical because they expect you to  be in full compliance.  The stakes are high - loss of contract, adjustment of pricing, fines, and claims for recovering funds. If any critical element is deficient, it is considered grounds for cancellation or non renewal. GSA will then issue a "MAS Contractor Assessment Initiative Report Card."

What Does GSA look for During an Audit?

GSA auditors will look for answers to questions and review documentation regarding:

    • GSA Schedule Contract Document management
    • Receiving a GSA Schedule Order
    • Price Reduction Clause Issues
    • Economic Price Adjustment (EPA) Issues
    • Government Billing Process
    • Proper Industrial Funding Fee payments
    • How you train staff about contract terms and compliance.
    • Use of GSA's eTools
    • Related GSA Schedule marketing issues 

GSA Audit Services

TurboGSA can help you prepare for the GSA CAV audit. 

Our contract management program includes Audit Preparation services for upcoming Contractor Assistance Visits. 

    • Audit Preparation Consulting - We will conduct a consulting workshop to educate your staff about GSA Contractor Assistance Visits (CAV) and Audits, and develop an action plan to overcome deficiencies in advance. This workshop can be conducted in your office or via web conferencing.
    • Mock Audit - We will dispatch a GSA specialist who will visit your office and conduct a mock audit to help you understand what to expect and to be better prepared. Request information about our GSA Mock Audit service.

GSA Audit Training 

Avoiding GSA Contract Audit Problems

Includes Preparing for your Contractor Assistance Visit

This webinar teaches you about the types of GSA Audits and Contractor Assistance Visits (CAV) and how to prepare for an upcoming audit.  It discusses how to set up procedures and systems to avoid audit problems and other important issues.

Click here for more information about our GSA Contract Audit webinar.

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