What is a GSA Schedule?

It is the Most Versatile Government Contract Around

A GSA Schedule contract enables you to sell your products or services to ANY agency of the federal government, certain other organizations, and state and local governments (under some circumstances).  

Best of all, it enables your business to receive orders for products or services without the need to respond to each government request with costly federal proposals and confusing federal contract requirements. 

It is a contract is a five year, with three five year option periods.  So it is potentially a 20 year contract with the world's largest client.

A GSA contract is also a government wide contract, which means you can sell to any Federal agency.  Without such a contract, you would need to bid on and negotiate with agencies separately

Synonymous Terms 

Many synonymous terms are used to describe the program, such as:

    • GSA Schedule
    • GSA Contract
    • Federal Supply Schedule
    • Multiple Award Schedule or MAS
    • GSA Listing
    • GSA Number

Preferred Contract

GSA Schedule contracts have become the contracting vehicle of choice for procurement officers. what-is-gsa-contractObtaining a GSA Schedule contract enables your firm to be listed on GSA eLibrary and provides you with  access to GSA eBuy, an exclusive database of requests for quotations reserved only for GSA contractors.

Countless firms have pursued opportunities with agencies and convinced technical staff that their product or service were great, only to be asked, "Do you have a Schedule?"  If the answer is yes, those firms are in business; if not, they are out of luck.

Small Businesses Size Standard

Congress requires agencies to issue 23% of its prime contracts to small businesses.  Small business is defined by the SBA size standard.

What is the GSA

The General Services Administration, or GSA, is a central buying authority for the U.S. Federal government. It runs the Public Building Service (PBS) and the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS).

In order to make Federal buying more efficient and less costly, GSA identified over 12 million products and services that it regularly buys. GSA then divided all these commercial items into logical groupings, which they refer to as GSA schedules.  In other words, GSA Schedules are groupings of like items that the federal agencies routinely buy. 

GSA then created GSA contract solicitations so that commercial firms could submit an offer and negotiate a GSA contract. If a firm successfully completes the GSA negotiation (sometimes erroneously referred to as a GSA Application) it is awarded a GSA Contract.

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