Don't Pay your 4th Quarter IFF without reading this

Posted by Robert Kelly on Oct 7, 2010 3:23:00 PM

With the 4th quarter of  the Federal fiscal year now over, every GSA schedule contractor will be submitting their quarterly sales report and remitting the Industrial Funding Fee (IFF). 

If your firm pays the IFF to GSA electronically, you should be aware that pay.gov introduced a new routing number to 041036046, effective July 1. This is in addition to its 042736141 routing number.

If you unblock your accounts using Originating Depository Financial Institution (ODFI) routing numbers, you will need to provide the new routing number (041036046) in addition to the current routing number (042736141) to your financial institution. If you unblock your accounts using GSA's Company ID, 3101036151, you will not be affected by this change.

To determine if this change affects you, ask yourself:

1 - Do you submit IFF payments through ePay Direct Debit from a bank or other financial institution account?

2- Does your bank or financial institution account currently have debit blocks in place?

If you answered yes to both, you must provide the new routing transit number (041036046) to your financial institution so your IFF payments will continue to process successfully. Then make sure you check to see that the payments went through.

If you have any difficulties or questions, contact your Administrative Contracting Officer or visit the Vendor Support Center.


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