Marketing to the Federal Government: Make your Web Site Fed Friendly

Posted by Robert Kelly on Oct 15, 2010 4:17:00 PM

Marketing to the GovernmentFederal buyers contend that they rely on the internet more than ever to research vendors.  For this reason, it is essential that your web site provides all of the information that a Federal buyer might need,.  It does not take much to accomplish the bare minimum, and I suggest you modify your web site to include information about your GSA Schedule and how your firm can help solve Agency problems and challenges. 

Here are a few suggestions that would go a long way in making agency personnel understand that you are sensitive to their unique needs:

  • First, add a GSA Logo to your home page.  Placing this anywhere on your home page should catch the eye of your visitor.
  • Next, I suggest that you add a page that is dedicated to information for the Federal market.  You can entitle this Federal Customers, Government Customers, GSA Schedule or similar.
  • Add summaries of federal projects that your firm has completed.  Case studies are a great way to convey your familiarity with working with federal agencies, and this helps lower the fear and risk of working with you.
  • On the government-specific page, consider putting some basic demographic information about your firm and its GSA contract.
  • Be sure to include various numbers such as:
    • NAICS
    • CAGE
    • DUNS
    • FSC/PSC
  • The bulk of the page should focus on identifying issues that you know are important to the Government, and how your firm addresses those issues.
  • Also consider including a brief history of your firm’s work with government agencies along with a few representative project summaries.

Adding the above items to your web site does not take a lot of time or money, but goes a long way in reassuring federal agencies that you are a knowledgeable, experience federal contractor.

For a brief illustrated guide on this topic, please download our guide, Make your Web Site Fed Friendly.

Beyond the Basics - Attract and Generate More Federal Leads

The above tips represent the bare minimum you should do with your web site.  Savvy federal contractors will employ various inbound marketing tactics into their overall strategy to help attract more federal visitors and generate significant leads. Talk to us about our Federal Inbound Marketing services.

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