Marketing to the Government: Contractor Teaming Agreements

Posted by Robert Kelly on Oct 19, 2010 12:05:00 PM

Contractor teaming agreements allow two or more GSA contractors to get together to respond to an RFP/RFQ that they might not be able to respond to going it alone due to a lack of specific capabilities or adequate resources. And a team of small businesses can band together to compete effectively against much larger firms.  Agencies benefit because such a team can provide them with a total solution and they can enjoy far higher achievements against small business contracting requirements.

And unlike in a traditional prime/sub relationship, each team member has privity of contract with the government, will invoice the government on its own, and will get paid directly.  No more waiting for the Prime to send you the money for past work. 

contractor teaming agreementContractor teaming agreements whould be written documents incorporating details about:

  • Specific team address information
  • Team member duties
  • Team arrangements
  • Ordering procedures
  • Team leaders
  • Pricing
  • Invoicing and reporting
  • similar elements

GSA provides an outline for a contractor teaming agreement.

For small businesses, teaming arrangements can be an important tactic in expanding its Federal business.  You can join forces to offer agencies complimentary services, leverage your core competencies, expand your technical capabilities without additional investment and expand marketing capabilities and breadth of reach.

Many small firms pursue prime contractors and that is often a smart idea, but finding teaming partners to is a smart tactic that more small GSA contractors should implement.


Review: Contractor Teaming Agreement

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