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Posted by Robert Kelly on Jul 22, 2011 3:23:00 PM

GSA IT Schedule 70 is one of the largest and most common means by which the federal government procures information technology based goods and services.   GSA Schedule 70 offers the opportunity for Information Technology companies, including small businesses, to cut through the red tape of government acquisitions and make their products and services more readily available to any number of government agencies.  This is a long-term contract that basically pre-approves GSA Schedule 70 holders as vendors for the government purchasing marketplace. It is not a requirement for a vendor to have a GSA Schedule 70 contract in order to do business with government entities but it does help by decreasing the time it takes to make a transaction as well as cut down on the fees for both parties. 

To be eligible for a GSA IT Schedule 70, vendors must complete a thorough application process that includes negotiation of fair and reasonable pricing.  A unique aspect of GSA purchasing is that not only does it afford a direct customer-vendor relationship but the ordering agency makes it’s purchasing decision based on the “Best Value” and is not limited simply to the lowest priced bid.  There are a wide array of IT and communications related products and services that may be sold under this schedule including:

·      Audio Visual Presenting and Composing equipment

·      Communications Devices and Accessories

·      Broadcasting and Telecommunications Components and Media Services

·      Computers, Computer Accessories, and Computer Services

·      Electronics

·      Multi Media Network Equipment, Platforms, and Accessories

·      Semiconductor Services

·      Electronic Hardware and Component Parts

·      Electronic Reference Manuals

·      Circuits and Micro-assemblies

·      Software and Applications

·      Professional IT Services

·      Internet Services

·      Satellite Services

Being that GSA Schedule 70 is the largest GSA schedule for government purchases, it also represents a large portion of the sales.  Each year for thepast several years, GSA IT Schedule 70 holders reaped abot $16 Billion in sales.

[Editor's Update - Schedule 70 GSA: We have updated information about GSA Schedule 70 sales.]

 A GSA IT Schedule 70 is a contract that can prove to be an extremely valuable asset for any company in the highly competitive technology and communications marketplace.  It’s “best value” price packaging, open solicitation, and economic price adjustment provisions make it highly attractive to a growing business looking for long term growth contracts.  It becomes clear from examining the sales figures that obtaining a GSA Schedule 70 status is a worthwhile endeavor for any size IT or communications based company. GSA Schedule Introduction

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